Why Is Garth Brooks Not on Spotify? [6 Reasons]

For years, Garth Brooks fans have been wondering when the beloved country music icon would bring his catalogue to streaming services like Spotify.

As the best-selling solo artist in US history, it seems like a no-brainer that the guy who understands music so well would want to share his tunes on popular digital music platforms.

However, for reasons both business and personal, that sweet man I love has continued to hold out.

1. The Streaming Holdout

Brooks has been a holdout from music streaming services since they first arrived on the scene in the late 2000s. While other popular artists like Taylor Swift and Adele eventually came around to having their music available on Spotify and Apple Music, he has remained one of the few major acts still not on major streaming platforms.

In October 2016, Brooks’ stance was made official when it was announced he had signed an exclusive deal with Amazon Music. So what made him shun platforms like Spotify in favor of Amazon? There are a few key factors:

holdout from music streaming services

2. Maintaining Album Integrity

For him, preserving the cohesiveness and integrity of his albums has been a top priority. Individual songs are more often consumed on most streaming sites than full albums.

He feels having his songs easily separated from their original album sequence would diminish his intended listening experience.

3. Compensation Concerns

Streaming services have faced ongoing criticism over artist compensation. Per stream payouts are minuscule, requiring immense volume for artists to earn substantial revenue.

For a best-selling artist like him, stagnant streaming incomes likely pale in comparison to profits from album and ticket sales.

Brooks Compensation Concerns

4. Relationship with Amazon

Brooks’ deal with Amazon Music allows him to sell full albums and maintain creative control. Amazon has also broadcast his live shows, showing they prioritize him as an artist, not just content. This personal touch likely appealed to more detached streaming platforms.

5. Live Show Accessibility

In keeping With Joe Rogan’s Podcast Without Spotify, he has also made attending his live shows the only way for fans to hear his new songs. Given his unmatched touring success, this exclusivity helps maintain the special allure of the Garth Brooks concert experience.

Brooks has topped the list of highest-grossing tours numerous times. Keeping new music accessible only at live shows helps drive ticket sales and preserve his reputation as one of music’s most captivating stage acts. For diehard fans, the music becomes a major incentive to see him live.

6. Preserving His Catalogue Value

Classic albums like No Fences and Ropin’ the Wind define Brooks’s career and remain touchstones for generations of country fans. By largely limiting their availability to physical media and digital purchases, he can protect their longevity and retain their singular value. Mass streaming access could dilute their impact through overexposure.

There’s also the potential that once Brooks’ back catalogue hits streaming, it could dominate country playlists and streaming Garth Brooks Spotify 2023 charts to Grow Spotify followers. Holding out avoids overshadowing newer artists trying to make their mark.

There’s something admirable about preventing his past work from totally dominating the present landscape.

Preserving His Catalogue Value

What Does This Mean for Fans?

For big Garth fans eager to stream his music on demand, it can be frustrating not having full access. However, Brooks’ approach shows an artist trying to uphold what he feels is best for his legacy. True fans should respect his convictions. There are still ways to access his catalogue legally:

  • Purchase CDs or digital downloads – Owning physical/digital copies remains the best quality option to fully experience Brooks’ albums as intended.
  • Listen on Amazon Music – While limited compared to the vast catalogs on Spotify, Amazon Music does feature Brooks’ recordings.
  • See him live – Touring remains Brooks’ most reliable way to hear new music. Seeing him in concert is worth the ticket price for fans craving his classic hits.
  • Request radio play – Radio airplay still counts, so requesting Brooks’s tunes helps support his work.

Garth Brooks’ music has meant so much to country fans over the decades. Until streaming services offer incentives and control that properly serve the interests of artists, certain acts will remain holdouts. Brooks’ decision stems from a desire to preserve the integrity of his art. Though fans may be eager for full access, they should continue showing patience and understanding.

The best approach is to keep enjoying what limited content is available digitally while continuing to show up at his live shows and supporting album/download purchases.

Give him time and respect, and maybe one day his songs will be streaming everywhere. But that choice ultimately rests in the hands of this visionary guy who understands music so well.

What Does This Mean for Fans

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Will Garth Brooks ever be on Spotify?

There is no definitive answer, but Brooks has resisted joining streaming services like Spotify for years due to concerns over artist compensation, maintaining album integrity, and preserving the value of his catalog. He may eventually allow streaming access, but only once he feels the terms properly serve artists’ interests.

How to listen to Garth Brooks on Spotify?

As of now, Brooks’ full catalog is not available to stream on Spotify. The only songs present are those he’s featured on as a guest artist, but not his own recordings. Spotify users currently have no access to stream Brooks’ own work.

How to listen to Garth Brooks?

Ways to legally listen to Brooks’ music include purchasing CDs or digital downloads, listening on Amazon Music, attending his live shows, requesting radio airplay, and accessing limited clips on streaming services. But full on-demand streaming access remains restricted for now across major platforms like Spotify and Apple Music.

What year did other big artists start allowing streaming?

Many major artists began permitting streaming in the early 2010s. A few notable examples: Taylor Swift joined streaming services in 2017 after a long holdout. Adele finally allowed streaming starting in 2015 with the release of her album 25.

Who owns the rights to Garth Brooks’ music catalogue?

Brooks was one of the first major artists to own all his own music rights and masters from the start of his career. This gives him total control over where and how his catalogue can be streamed or accessed.

Has Garth Brooks ever commented on Spotify directly?

Yes – in 2016 he said in an interview, “We just don’t like how [streaming services] treat music.” He feels streaming does a disservice to the album format and the cohesiveness of a body of work.

What other older country artists are not on streaming platforms?

Some other major older country acts you currently can’t find on Spotify or Apple Music include George Strait, Willie Nelson, Dolly Parton, and Kenny Rogers. Streaming services continue trying to ink deals with these holdouts.

When might Garth Brooks change his stance on streaming?

There is no definitive timeline, but he has hinted he may eventually allow full streaming access when he feels the time and terms are right. It’s also possible it may not happen until long after he retires from music full-time.

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