Why Is Enchanted Waterfall Not On Spotify?

Enchanted Waterfall, a catchy and nostalgic song that once graced our playlists, has mysteriously disappeared from streaming platforms like Spotify. Known for its relaxing and meditative qualities, Enchanted Waterfall quickly became a favorite among fans of new age and ambient music. However, despite its popularity and cult following, the album is notably absent from streaming platforms like Spotify.

This disappearance has left fans puzzled and searching for answers. And now, the estate of the late pop legend is taking action to remove Tory’s song Enchanted Waterfall from streaming platforms after they ‘declined permission’ for him to use the sample last summer.

So, What occurred and what is the reason for Enchanted Waterfall’s absence from Spotify?

Why Is Enchanted Waterfall Not On Spotify?

Enchanted Waterfall is not on Spotify due to copyright issues stemming from the unauthorized sample used in the song. It wasn’t a stretch to say that Eustace had trouble sleeping because of his time in the armed forces which gave him PTSD.

Consequently, Spotify and other streaming platforms had no choice but to remove the song to comply with copyright laws and protect the rights of all parties involved.

Enchanted Waterfall is Not On Spotify

Fans worry that potential copyright issues could permanently remove the song from streaming platforms. The case serves as a reminder of the importance of securing proper permissions and respecting copyright regulations in the music industry.

Several factors explain why Enchanted Waterfall is not available on Spotify.

1. Licensing Issues

One of the main reasons Enchanted Waterfall is not on Spotify is due to licensing restrictions. Sony Music Entertainment now owns the record label CBS Records, which released Vollenweider’s composition.

Securing the licensing rights to stream music on platforms like Spotify can be complex, especially for older recordings. If the licensing terms are too restrictive or prohibitively expensive, streaming platforms may not clear albums.

This appears to be the case with Enchanted Waterfall, with Sony perhaps unwilling to license it to Spotify under reasonable terms.

2. Niche Appeal

In addition to licensing issues, the niche appeal of Enchanted Waterfall may contribute to its absence on Spotify like Garth Brooks. While beloved by new-age music fans, 6-hour-long instrumental ambient albums have limited mainstream appeal.

Spotify underrepresents more obscure and experimental genres because it caters to mass market tastes. The perceived lack of demand among Spotify’s broader user base means niche releases like Enchanted Waterfall are lower priorities for licensing deals.

3. Technical Barriers

There are also technical challenges to making lengthy continuous compositions like Enchanted Waterfall available on streamings. Spotify and other platforms are designed for users to add shorter individual tracks to playlists. Seamlessly streaming a 6-hour album doesn’t fit most users’ consumption patterns.

Achieving uninterrupted streaming of the full Enchanted Waterfall composition would likely require significant engineering work. Unless Sony perceives enough potential upside, the costs of solving these technical issues are likely prohibitive.

4. Minimal Promotional Value

Putting Enchanted Waterfall on Spotify would offer little promotional value for Sony Music. Ambient music does not rely heavily on radio singles or viral streaming hits. Fans of Andreas Vollenweider’s work also tend to be older listeners less likely to discover it through platforms like Spotify.

With little chance of the album generating major streaming numbers, Sony likely sees little incentive to go through the effort of licensing it for streaming.

5. Artist Preference

Another possible factor is that Andreas Vollenweider himself prefers that Enchanted Waterfall is not available on streaming platforms. Some artists object to the loss of control and relatively low royalty rates that come with streaming services.

Vollenweider may insist that the composition remain a full album experience instead of being broken up into tracks and playlists. Respecting the artist’s wishes could be one reason Sony has not licensed the album to Spotify against the composer’s preferences.

6. Fear of Diminished Album Sales

There is also a financial incentive for rights holders like Sony Music to restrict the licensing of catalog albums that still sell well physically or digitally outside streaming services. Putting Enchanted Waterfall on Spotify risks cannibalizing ongoing sales of the album.

Limiting its availability exclusively to purchase options allows Sony to continue monetizing it as a perennial strong seller. Avoiding streaming likely maximizes profits even if it frustrates some fans.

7. Possibility of Future Release

Just because it contained an unauthorized sample of George Michael’s “Careless Whisper.” If Sony sees a change in circumstances that makes licensing the album to streaming platforms more advantageous, they could strike a deal with Spotify to add it to the service.

However, given the above factors, the chances of Enchanted Waterfall appearing on Spotify anytime soon unfortunately seem low. Vollenweider may insist on preserving the composition as a full album experience rather than breaking it up into tracks and playlists.

What Can Fans Do?

So what options do fans of Enchanted Waterfall have if they want to listen to the album digitally? While unavailable on Spotify, the composition can be purchased as MP3 downloads on sites like Amazon. Alternatively, listeners can buy a physical copy on CD and potentially digitize it themselves.

Of course, the best way to experience Enchanted Waterfall is likely still to buy a high-quality physical version and listen to the full immersive journey the way the artist intended.

For die-hard fans who want to stream Enchanted Waterfall, reaching out to Sony Music and Andreas Vollenweider to politely request they license the album to Spotify is possible.

If Sony sees enough fan demand, they may be prompted to resolve the licensing issues. Otherwise, fans may have to accept that this iconic New Age recording will remain largely outside today’s streaming landscape.


Enchanted Waterfall’s absence on Spotify boils down to a perfect storm of niche appeal, restrictive licensing agreements, technical limits of streaming long compositions, negligible promotional upside for Sony Music, and respecting Andreas Vollenweider’s possible wishes.

The complex factors that prevent the iconic new age album’s availability illustrate the complications of making more obscure recordings available via streaming.

While disappointing for fans, the lack of Enchanted Waterfall on Spotify will likely persist unless significant changes arise in consumer demand, artist preferences, or Sony’s licensing approach. For now, fans will need to explore alternative options if they want to experience this legendary ambient journey in digital form.

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