Why Days Before Rodeo Is Not On Spotify?

Travis Scott’s mixtape Days Before Rodeo was released in 2014 and helped launch his career into superstardom. The mixtape featured hits like “Mamacita” and “Don’t Play” that got radio play and built major hype for Travis as an artist. However, despite its popularity and impact, Days Before Rodeo is currently not on Spotify. There are several reasons why this influential Travis Scott project has not been uploaded to the platform.

Why Days Before Rodeo Is Not On Spotify?

days before rodeo is not on spotify

Days Before Rodeo, the highly anticipated mixtape by Travis Scott has been notably absent from Spotify despite its immense popularity. Here are a few reasons why this project remains unavailable on the streaming platform.

1. Licensing Issues With Samples

One of the main reasons Days Before Rodeo is not on Spotify is likely due to licensing issues. As a mixtape, Days Before Rodeo made use of many samples from other artists’ songs. Getting permission to use samples can be difficult and costly.

Spotify has strict rules about only allowing officially licensed content on its platform. If Travis and his label were unable to get all the samples properly licensed, it would prevent them from uploading them.

The process of licensing old samples is complicated, as Travis would have to track down rights holders which can be difficult if a song is decades old. For example, “Zombies” samples Ozzy Osbourne’s “Diary of a Madman,” which requires Ozzy’s approval. If they could not get in contact with him or work out an agreement, that would block the song from being distributed on Spotify.

2. Label and Distribution Issues

Another major factor is that Days Before Rodeo was released when Travis was signed to a different label. He released it via Epic Records, while his deal today is with Sony Music via Cactus Jack Records. The change in labels and distribution rights likely causes legal issues with getting the mixtape on Spotify under his current major label deals.

There can also be conflicts between artists and labels regarding ownership and royalties. If Travis wanted it on Spotify but Epic did not, that impasse would prevent it from being uploaded. It’s the same reason Monster by Future isn’t on Spotify. Quality doesn’t indicate what platforms an album/tape should be on.

The paperwork and business side of things can often be a nightmare for getting older projects onto streaming platforms. Unless Epic and Travis’ current labels can reach an agreement, Days Before Rodeo remains in limbo.

3. Wanting to Keep It As a Free Mixtape

Some artists prefer to keep their mixtapes free and not put them on major streaming platforms like Spotify. Although Travis Scott is now one of the biggest artists in the world, Days Before Rodeo was released when he was still up and coming. Mixtapes are often used by rappers to build a fan base and generate buzz leading up to their major label debut album.

Keeping Days Before Rodeo as a free download could be a deliberate choice by Travis to maintain that “mixtape feel.” Putting it on Spotify Premium makes it feel more like an official commercial release, which changes the project’s original intent. Even superstar rappers like Drake have chosen not to put early mixtapes on streaming. Travis may want to keep Days Before Rodeo hard to find so fans seek out that free download.

4. Waiting For the Right Time

It’s also possible that Travis Scott and his team are simply waiting for the right time to put Days Before Rodeo onto Spotify finally. They may be strategizing on when it would be most impactful. By now, most big Travis Scott fans have found ways to listen to the mixtape through downloads and YouTube.

Uploading it now onto Spotify may not make as big of a splash as waiting to do it later. Travis will undoubtedly release more albums and mixtapes in the future.

There could come a time between projects when Travis and his label want to draw attention back to Days Before Rodeo. Having it suddenly appear on Spotify would reignite interest and streams. Travis has the luxury of waiting for the perfect timing before making that move.

Does Travis Even Have Control Over It?

One question that arises is – does Travis Scott himself even have full control over getting Days Before Rodeo onto Spotify? and why is ExMilitary not on Spotify? Major labels and distributors control what officially gets uploaded to platforms like Spotify. An artist may not necessarily be able to upload their past work even if they want to. Record deals can be very restrictive.

Does Travis Even Have Control Over It

It’s unclear what level of control Travis has regarding a past mixtape like Days Before Rodeo. His hands may be tied by all of the legal complexities, despite him potentially wanting it to be on Spotify. However, Travis renegotiated his deal in 2022 for increased ownership and creative control. So he now may have more influence over finally adding Days Before Rodeo to streaming.

Impact on Travis’ Branding

Branding is essential for an artist, and Spotify broadcasts its brand to millions of listeners. Travis Scott has meticulously crafted his image over the years. His team may feel Days Before Rodeo does not fit his current aesthetics and sound. Even Travis himself could prefer to distance himself from his older material.

Having a “rough around the edges” mixtape like Days Before Rodeo on Spotify next to his massively successful albums could seem disjointed for his branding. Travis is known for his superstar arena tours, lucrative endorsements, and mainstream hits. Days Before Rodeo may remain off Spotify so his catalog better projects his A-list persona.

Lack of Financial Incentive

Getting a mixtape onto a streaming service requires effort. There has to be motivation to spend time sorting out rights issues and label negotiations. Travis Scott and his management team may simply not have a strong enough financial incentive right now.

Days Before Rodeo is already widely available for free on SoundCloud, YouTube, and through fan downloads. Leaving it off Spotify likely does not impact them too much. And with Travis’ more recent Ai music generating insane streaming numbers, Days Before Rodeo could seem insignificant. Unless there is a compelling business reason, it remains a low priority.


Despite being one of Travis Scott’s most beloved early projects, Days Before Rodeo has yet to appear on Spotify. Clearing samples, managing complex label distribution rights, maintaining artistic integrity, finding the right timing, keeping a controlled brand image, and insufficient financial incentives have all contributed to the mixtape being left off the platform.

However, with Travis’ stratospheric success, renegotiated business deals, and ability to surprise fans, the arrival of Days Before Rodeo to Spotify could still realistically happen. For now, fans eagerly await the day Travis and his team decide the time is right for this influential mixtape to finally get the mainstream streaming exposure it deserves.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Who originally released Days Before Rodeo?

Days Before Rodeo was originally released in 2014 by Travis Scott while signed to Epic Records.

Where can you listen to Days Before Rodeo?

The mixtape is available on SoundCloud and YouTube and as a free digital download from mixtape sites. But it is not officially on Spotify.

What was the biggest hit on Days Before Rodeo?

The song “Don’t Play” featuring Big Sean and The 1975 became the mixtape’s biggest hit and even charted on the Billboard Hot 100.

Does Travis Scott own the rights to Days Before Rodeo?

The rights are unclear. Likely partial ownership by Epic Records due to his contract then. His current Sony deal may complicate rights further.

Why might Travis strategically wait to put Days Before Rodeo on Spotify?

He may wait for an ideal time between album cycles to maximize interest and streams. Travis likely wants the timing to be impactful.

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