Why Can’t I See Lyrics on Spotify?

Spotify is one of the most popular music streaming platforms in the world with over 551 million active users as of 2024. However, one significant feature that Spotify is still missing compared to competitors like Apple Music is integrated song lyrics. So the question remains – why can’t I see lyrics on Spotify?

The History of Lyrics on Spotify

Spotify has been around since 2008, but it was only in recent years that users started demanding the ability to view lyrics directly within the app. In the early days, Spotify’s main focus was on cataloging an extensive music library and providing seamless streaming. Additional features like lyrics took a backseat.

While competitors began rolling out lyrics support, Spotify cited legal and licensing issues as the main roadblocks. Extracting full lyrics from songs involves content licensing from various rightsholders like music publishers. It’s a complex process to get appropriate permissions for every song.

Licensing Hurdles Remain an Obstacle

The music industry still operates within a licensing framework established long before streaming services existed. Getting approval to display verbatim lyrics requires negotiating with various parties that hold rights to those words and compositions.

Unlike audio streaming, displaying written lyrics poses unique copyright challenges. It involves reproducing a work verbatim, which requires more explicit consent. While the technology to analyze and scrape lyrics has improved, the legal frameworks have not always kept pace.

Spotify continues working to secure the necessary global licenses to display lyrics across all markets and over its full catalog. However, the complex web of international copyright laws has made this an ongoing process with no guaranteed timeline. For now, licensing roadblocks remain the primary reason why users still can’t access him directly on Spotify.

Partnerships Provide Partial Solutions

To satisfy demand while licensing issues persist, Spotify has partnered with third-party lyrics providers as a stopgap solution. This allows lyrics to be viewed, just not natively within the Spotify experience.

Partner apps like Musixmatch and Genius offer inline lyrics that sync to Spotify playback. Their independent licensing deals give them rights Spotify itself still lacks. However, it comes at the cost of compromising the seamless Spotify browsing experience. Users must leave the app or rely on another screen.

Spotify also began testing sponsored lyrics inserts in select markets via a deal with Musixmatch. This puts curated lyrics right in Spotify’s now playing queue but doesn’t solve the problem globally or for all songs in the catalog. Partnerships can only do so much within the constraints of underlying rights issues.

Why Can’t I See Lyrics on Spotify? Lyrics Support on Other Platforms

Competitors like Apple Music, YouTube Music, and Tidal had an easier path, as they launched with lyrics already integrated from day one due to having broader corporate parents like Apple, Google, and record labels as owners.

Their earlier start gave them a multi-year head start in negotiating licenses and developing products around lyrics. But even they don’t have the right to display every single word for every recording. Gaps still exist based on title, region, and rights complications.

Spotify is playing catch up, but persistence and creative licensing solutions could help them close the remaining gaps over time. For now, users will have to rely on workarounds if they want lyrics alongside their Spotify streaming sessions.

Hope Remains For a Native Spotify Lyrics Feature

While Spotify listeners are still waiting for an official lyrics solution, hope is not lost. The streaming giant has made lyrics integration a clear priority and continues putting resources towards solving the hurdles. Key signs include:

  • Testing sponsored inline lyrics inserts with partners like Musixmatch
  • Acquiring licensing technology companies like Niland to bolster its rights capabilities
  • Adding lyrics APIs for developers to build lyrics integrations
  • Surveys asking users how lyrics could enhance their Spotify experience

Though timelines remain uncertain, it’s clear Spotify sees value in bringing lyrics directly into the app experience. As licensing frameworks modernize and rightsholders see the benefits of broader access, a fully-fledged native lyrics experience on Spotify may finally become possible in the future.

In the meantime, the appetite and demand from users should help encourage ongoing progress towards a permanent solution we can all sing along to.


While Spotify continues plugging away at the complex licensing issues that have prevented native lyrics support for years, partnerships provide temporary viewing options outside the core experience. Competitors gained early advantages through ownership ties, but rights barriers still exist across all platforms.

Gradual shifts in industry practices could help streaming services achieve the permissions needed for lyrics globally over the long run. For now, music fans will have to stay tuned and hope licensing roadblocks continue clearing to make lyrics as accessible as the music itself on Spotify down the road.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are lyrics coming to Spotify soon?

While Spotify is working towards it, there’s no official timeline yet due to ongoing licensing negotiations. Tests indicate it’s a high priority, but complex rights issues could take years more to fully resolve.

Why don’t 3rd party lyrics apps work within Spotify?

While these provide interim solutions, their independent licensing doesn’t allow fully native integration within Spotify’s owned experience for legal reasons related to content ownership and rights display.

What is Spotify doing to add lyrics?

Aside from partnerships, they are acquiring rights technology, funding development projects, surveying users, and continuously pursuing licensing deals globally to strengthen their lyrics capabilities over time.

Do competitors like Apple Music have lyrics for all songs?

No, even services with earlier lyrics integration don’t necessarily have rights to display every word of every recording due to gaps in titles, regions, or complex copyright details that can vary by song.

When do you think Spotify will get official lyrics?

It’s impossible to predict timelines due to the long-term nature of licensing negotiations, but gradual progress indicates they remain actively working towards the goal and it will come down the road once enough rights challenges are addressed through persistence and industry shifts.

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