Where Can I Watch Joe Rogan Podcast For Free In 2024?

The Joe Rogan Experience (JRE) podcast has become one of the most popular podcasts in the world. Hosted by comedian, UFC commentator, and all-around curiosity enthusiast Joe Rogan, this podcast features in-depth, unfiltered conversations with an eclectic mix of guests. From Elon Musk to Mike Tyson, Joe Rogan sits down with celebrities, intellectuals, athletes, and everyone in between for engaging discussions.

But with the show’s widespread popularity across various platforms, you may be wondering: where exactly can I watch the full video versions of Joe’s ever-inquisitive conversations? Let’s explore.

Joe Rogan’s YouTube Channel

For many years, the primary place to watch full video editions of Joe Rogan’s podcast was his massively popular YouTube channel. With over 11 million subscribers, this channel hosts truncated and full versions of past JRE shows.

However, in 2020, Joe signed an exclusive deal to host his podcast on Spotify. This led to his YouTube channel no longer uploading new podcast episodes. Yet his channel still offers a wealth of full-length episodes from the past decade for those looking to dive into the JRE archives.

From memorable talks with Elon Musk to an intriguing discussion about A.I. with Lex Fridman, Joe’s YouTube channel lets you rediscover some of the most popular JRE episodes in video format. Just keep in mind: you’ll only find older, previously released episodes rather than the latest podcasts here.

Spotify Exclusive JRE Videos

In 2020, Joe Rogan took his podcast in an unprecedented new direction. He signed an exclusive deal with Spotify reportedly worth over $100 million. This deal brought the audio and video versions of The Joe Rogan Experience exclusively to Spotify.

Ever since May 2020, the only place to watch Joe’s new podcast interviews in video is directly on Spotify. The platform now hosts the complete JRE video library with both new episodes and the show’s extensive back catalog.

To watch, simply search Joe Rogan on Spotify, select a podcast episode, and switch the audio feed to video. You can enjoy Joe’s no-holds-barred chats with an ever-growing roster of guests. Unless Joe makes another big platform change someday, Spotify will likely remain the go-to Joe Rogan viewing hub without Spotify for new episodes moving forward.

Clips on the PowerfulJRE YouTube Channel

Can’t commit to three hours of listening time for every new JRE episode? No worries, Joe’s got you covered. While his main YouTube channel no longer provides full podcast episodes, Joe launched a new YouTube destination in 2021 focused on podcast clips.

The PowerfulJRE channel publishes extracts from podcast episodes, allowing you to enjoy key moments without necessarily watching every podcast from start to finish.

With nearly two million subscribers, this channel offers regular bites of Joe’s longform conversations. Want a quick hit of Elon Musk discussing rockets or Mike Tyson reminiscing on early fame? PowerfulJRE packs podcast highlights into easily digestible YouTube clips.

So for those craving an abridged glimpse of Joe’s podcasting skills without listening for hours on end, PowerfulJRE has you covered on YouTube.


From hour-plus marathon podcasts to curated YouTube extracts, Joe Rogan offers plenty of video content to enjoy. His massively popular YouTube channel provides hundreds of older full podcasts to revisit at your leisure.

Yet to stay current, head to Spotify for all of Joe’s latest video episodes as part of his exclusive deal. And for bite-sized previews, PowerfulJRE shares podcast highlights on YouTube.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does Joe Rogan still upload podcast videos to his main YouTube channel?

No, after signing an exclusive deal with Spotify in 2020, Joe no longer uploads the latest JRE full video podcasts to his channel. Yet his channel still hosts archives of older full podcast videos.

Can I watch Joe Rogan’s new podcast episodes for free online?

As part of Joe’s deal with Spotify, watching new JRE video podcasts now requires a Spotify account. While Spotify offers limited free listening, a paid subscription provides full access to Joe’s new podcast with Spotify’s wider catalog.

Where is the best place online to find short Joe Rogan podcast clips?

Joe’s dedicated YouTube channel called PowerfulJRE highlights excerpts from his longer-form Spotify interviews. This channel shares digestible Joe Rogan video moments for casual viewing.

How long are Joe Rogan’s podcast episodes?

A typical episode of The Joe Rogan Experience podcast runs from two to three hours or occasionally even longer. Joe’s unrestrained, free-flowing interview style usually leads to in-depth marathon conversations.

Who are some notable past guests on The Joe Rogan Experience podcast?

Some highlights include Elon Musk, Edward Snowden, Neil deGrasse Tyson, Dr. Drew, Kevin Hart, Mike Tyson, Quentin Tarantino, Bernie Sanders, Joey Diaz, and hundreds more from entertainment, science, politics, and beyond.

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