What Time Does Spotify for Artists Update? (A Guide)

Spotify for Artists is an invaluable tool that allows musicians and podcasters to view detailed statistics and insights about their content on Spotify. One of the most common questions from artists is “What time does Spotify for Artists update?

Understanding when your data refreshes is crucial for staying on top of your fan engagement and performance.

Let’s take a closer look at how often Spotify for Artists processes new data.

How Often Does Spotify for Artists Refresh?

In general, Spotify for Artists updates daily for most core metrics, like plays, listeners, followers, etc. However, some data points only update once per month.

Here’s a breakdown of the major refresh rates in Spotify for Artists:

Daily Updates

  • Plays/streams
  • Listeners
  • Followers
  • Playlists additions
  • Save album/tracks

Weekly Updates

  • YouTube data

Monthly Updates

  • Demographic data
  • City/country data
  • Playlisting data

So for most key stats like plays and listener numbers, you can expect Spotify for Artists to display fresh figures once per day.

What Time Does the Data Refresh Occur?

Spotify has not publicly confirmed the exact time of day Artists refresh with new data.

However, most users notice their stats updating at midnight in their time zone. So an artist in Los Angeles will likely see their latest play count around midnight Pacific Time each night.

It seems Spotify batches data for the previous day and processes these updates globally across all artists’ accounts overnight.

Why Your Stats Can Sometimes Be Delayed

While Spotify for Artists normally refreshes on a predictable daily schedule, sometimes your statistics can lag behind a few days.

There are a few reasons why your metrics may not update on time:

  • The high volume of new releases or streams causing processing delays
  • Issues during the uploading of new content
  • Technical difficulties on Spotify’s end

Fortunately, these delays usually resolve themselves within 72 hours. Your stats will catch up in real-time as the backlog clears.

If your data is late updating for more than 3 days, you can contact Spotify Artists support to investigate further.

4 Tips for Checking Your Spotify Stats

Here are some tips for monitoring your Spotify for Artists stats:

  1. Check daily – Make it part of your routine to log in and review your latest figures. This allows you to spot trends.
  2. Compare to previous days – Determine if you’re growing (or declining) in key areas like listeners and subscribers.
  3. Note delays – If your stats haven’t updated for over 24 hours, make a note so you can follow up if the delay persists.
  4. Download reports – Use Spotify’s export feature for backups of your data in case retroactive changes occur.

Setting aside a few minutes each day to check Spotify Insights will keep you well-informed about your music’s performance.


Knowing when Spotify for Artists processes new data allows musicians, podcasters, and their teams to stay in sync. While exact refresh times aren’t publicly confirmed, most metrics do update daily around midnight in your time zone.

Aim to log in and review your Spotify statistics each morning to catch any interesting developments from the previous day. Just be aware that delays can occasionally happen due to technical hiccups.

Stay diligent in checking your stats every day and you’ll have your finger on the pulse of your fanbase’s listening behavior and engagement on Spotify.

FAQs About Spotify for Artists Data Refreshes

Here are some common questions about when Spotify for Artists updates with new data:

Does Spotify for Artists update on weekends?

Yes, Spotify for Artists refreshes with new data daily, including weekends. The system updates automatically so you’ll see your latest weekend stream counts first thing Monday morning.

Why are my Spotify stats a few days behind?

If your Spotify statistics are more than 24 hours delayed, it likely indicates a backlog or technical issue on Spotify’s side. Your stats should catch up within 3 days. If delays persist, contact Spotify for artist support.

How long does monthly Spotify data take to update?

Your monthly listening demographic stats and locations update early in the first week of each new month, displaying insights for the previous calendar month.

Can I force a manual refresh of my Spotify for Artists stats?

Unfortunately, Artist users cannot manually force a refresh. You need to wait for Spotify’s automated system to update all accounts globally once per day.

Does Spotify for Artists update at the same time worldwide?

It seems Spotify processes new data globally around midnight in each timezone. So an artist in Sydney may refresh an hour before an artist in Los Angeles, for example.

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