What Font Does Spotify Use? [A Guide]

Spotify is one of the most popular audio streaming services in the world, with over a million monthly active users. While Spotify is beloved for its vast catalog of music and podcasts, the service is also recognized for its iconic brand aesthetic. A key element of Spotify’s visual identity is its distinctive typography. But what font does Spotify use actually in its logo and branding?

The main Spotify font seen across the Spotify website, app interfaces, and marketing is a highly customized and modified version of Gotham. Gotham is a classic sans serif font first designed in 2000 by typeface designer Tobias Frere-Jones. Spotify’s designers tweaked and adapted the Gotham typeface to create a unique Spotify brand font optimized for digital interfaces.

The Origins of Spotify’s Font

The foundations of Spotify’s visual identity were established in 2006, two years before the streaming service officially launched. Swedish graphic designer Christopher Wilsson created the first Spotify logo and branding elements as part of a university project. This original branding featured a dark green circle with the word “Spotify” in a bold, straight sans serif font.

Wilson continued working with Spotify’s founders after graduation. He refined the logo by tilting the wordmark at a 45-degree angle and placing it inside the green circle. The angled logotype helped reinforce the company’s focus on music and dynamic movement. For the typeface itself, Wilsson opted for the font FF DIN in Spotify Green.

The Origins of Spotifys Font

As Spotify prepared to launch publicly in 2008, founders Daniel Ek and Martin Lorentzon brought on digital design firm Collins to evolve the brand identity. Designers Andreas Holmström and Laurenz Brunner led this new phase of visual development.

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Customizing Gotham for Spotify

The Collins team saw an opportunity to make Spotify’s typography more unique. Gotham immediately stood out for its versatility and modern appeal. By 2008, Gotham had become a popular font family used by major brands like Coca-Cola, Toyota, and Bank of America.

Holmström and Brunner heavily modified Gotham’s letterforms to better fit Spotify’s circular branding. The designers shortened the ascenders and descenders and tweaked the proportions for a custom circular font. Some subtle curves were added to soften Gotham’s rigid, geometric shapes.

Customizing the typeface helped integrate text seamlessly with Spotify’s iconic circle motif across all touchpoints. Spotify relies on this tailored Gotham font to maintain readability and brand recognition across desktop, mobile, tablet, and smart TV apps.

Spotify’s Font in Marketing and Branding

Beyond digital products, Spotify also relies on its bespoke Gotham typeface in external marketing and communications. The streaming service’s style guide provides strict directions for using its custom sans serif font in everything from digital ads to blood drives and developer conferences.

Some examples of Spotify’s brand typography guidelines:

  • The main Spotify wordmark should always appear in bold white, centered inside the Spotify Green circle.
  • The Gotham font should be used for all headlines, subheads, and body text. Standard font weights are Bold, Medium, and Book.
  • Leading (line spacing) should be tight, ranging between -5% to 5% depending on font size. This creates a dynamic, high-energy style true to Spotify.

Spotify also created a unique sans serif font called Circular to complement its customized Gotham. Circular has a softer, more approachable feel compared to Gotham’s structural letterforms. Spotify uses Circular for its website menus and campaigns targeting listeners.

Spotifys Font in Marketing and Branding

Spotify’s Font Family Today

While Spotify has stuck closely to Gotham as its core typeface, the company continues to expand its font library. Custom logo fonts help Spotify’s sub-brands like Spotify Kids and Spotify Greenroom establish unique identities within the Spotify universe.

Some new font families that have entered the Spotify brand toolkit:

  • Proxima Nova: A rounded sans serif used for Spotify Apps and Business. Its friendlier vibe contrasts nicely with Gotham.
  • Chirp: A display font with a handwritten personality, seen on the Spotify Kids app.
  • Sofia Pro: A sleek, geometric sans serif font used for Spotify Greenroom.

As Spotify grows, incorporating new fonts allows the brand to target different audiences while retaining its core design principles. And Gotham remains the definitive Spotify logo font – a unique mark of the popular streaming service’s identity.

So in summary, while Spotify Premium leverages various modern sans serif fonts across touchpoints, a highly customized version of Gotham makes up the streaming giant’s core typographic identity. This strategically modified typeface helps Spotify’s brand aesthetics feel dynamic, energetic, and uniquely Spotify.

FAQs About Spotify’s Font

Spotify’s distinctive font helps make the streaming service’s identity instantly recognizable. Here are answers to 5 frequently asked questions about the iconic Spotify typography:

What is the main font Spotify uses?

Spotify uses a custom version of the Gotham font family, modified to fit the brand’s circular logos and digital interfaces.

Who designed the original Spotify logo font?

Swedish graphic designer Christopher Wilsson created Spotify’s first logo and branding, featuring a straight sans serif typeface, likely FF DIN.

Why did Spotify change from FF DIN to Gotham?

As Spotify prepared to launch worldwide, designers Andreas Holmström and Laurenz Brunner evolved the branding using the more modern Gotham font. Its versatility and popularity with major brands like Coca-Cola made it an ideal choice as Spotify grew.

Does Spotify use its font in messaging and marketing?

Yes, Spotify’s brand guidelines dictate strict use of its custom Gotham font across all external and internal communications for consistency. Headlines, subheads, and body text all use variations of Gotham.

Has the core Spotify font changed over time?

While new fonts have entered the branding toolkit, Gotham remains Spotify’s quintessential typeface. Customizing Gotham specifically for Spotify’s circular aesthetic helped establish the strong brand identity the company is known for today.


Spotify’s unique typography has become an integral part of its brand identity. The company’s custom-tailored use of Gotham creates an energetic, dynamic style that resonates with users across platforms.

While new fonts have been incorporated over time, Gotham remains the definitive Spotify font – the linchpin of the brand’s visual experience. Spotify’s strategic font choices reinforce the company’s focus on innovation, accessibility, and staying fresh.

As Spotify continues expanding, maintaining its distinct aesthetic through bold, responsive typography will be key to standing out in the crowded digital space. Though the company may introduce new branding elements as technology and trends evolve, the iconic Spotify font will always be Gotham at its core.

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