A Comprehensive Guide to Vex 7 Cool Math Games

Vex 7 is one of the most popular games on Coolmath Games, a website dedicated to fun and educational math games. In Vex 7 Cool Math Games, players control a stick figure named Vex as he adventures through dangerous environments and fights off enemies. With fun gameplay, challenging levels, and a retro pixel art style, it’s easy to see why Vex 7 is so beloved by Cool Math Game fans.

This comprehensive guide will provide tips, tricks, and strategies to help you succeed in Vex 7.

Getting Started with Vex 7 Cool Math Games

Getting Started with Vex 7 Cool Math Games

When you first load up Vex 7 Cool Math Games, you’ll see the main menu with two options: Story Mode and Arena Mode.

1. Story Mode

This is the main campaign of vex 7 unblocked game, taking Vex through various environments on an epic adventure. Story mode is divided into chapters, each containing multiple levels. Your goal is to help Vex fight enemies, avoid hazards, and reach the exit door to complete each level.

Story mode gradually increases in difficulty, introducing new enemies and obstacles. It’s the best way to experience everything Vex 7 Cool Math Games has to offer in a structured format.

2. Arena Mode

Arena mode provides quick action by throwing you directly into combat challenges. There are 10 arenas to choose from, each with a different layout. Your goal is simply to survive as long as possible against waves of enemies. This is a great way to hone your skills and enjoy exciting gameplay without following a story.

Once you’ve selected your mode, it’s time to jump into the action. Here are some key tips as you start playing Vex 7:

  • Use the arrow keys to move and jump. Pressing down crouches.
  • X attacks with your sword. Hold for a stronger charged attack.
  • C shoots an arrow. Hold for a rapid-fire volley.
  • S blocks incoming attacks when timed correctly.
  • Avoid hazards like spikes, saws, and lava. Falling off edges will also kill you.
  • Collect gems and vials to increase your score and health.

Now let’s dive deeper into gameplay strategies and how to overcome challenges.

Mastering Movement and Combat

Movement and combat are at the core of mastering cool math games vex 7. Here are some key techniques you’ll need to learn:

1. Precise Jumping

Many levels require careful jumping between platforms or over hazards. Take your time lining up jumps properly – it’s better than rushing and missing a platform. You can change direction mid-jump by pressing left or right.

2. Dodging and Blocking

Get in the habit of dodging instead of tanking hits. Jump, crouch, or simply move out of the way. Blocking can prevent damage but costs energy, so save it for emergencies. Try to keep moving instead of getting surrounded.

3. Combo Attacks

When up close, combo sword attacks are more effective than spamming single strikes. Jump and strike aerial foes. Lure melee enemies in to punish their missed swings. Knock back projectiles with your sword. Mix up combos to take down tough foes.

4. Aim Carefully

Your bow can hit enemies from a distance, but careful aim is required. Stand still while firing for accuracy. Lead moving targets. Go for headshots to maximize damage. Conserve arrows by only shooting when lined up.

With practice, you’ll be able to adeptly traverse levels while handling any threat. Next, let’s go over some key power-ups and items that can give you an edge.

Mastering Movement and Combat

5. Power-Ups and Items

Various consumable items and power-ups will spawn throughout vex 7 cool math levels. Make sure to utilize them to their full potential. Here are some to keep an eye out for:

6. Health Vials

These blue vials replenish one bar of health, restoring Vex to peak condition. They spawn frequently – grab them any time you see them to stay at full health. Don’t let them slip past you uncollected.

7. Power Arrows

Orange glowing arrows deal triple damage, killing most enemies in one hit. They quickly deplete back to normal arrows though, so use them judiciously on tough foes. Aim for maximum carnage when power arrows are active.

8. Invincibility Orbs

Gold orbs grant temporary invincibility, allowing you to recklessly attack enemies without worry. Charge headfirst into the fray when invincible to clear out large groups. Just be ready to dodge again once it wears off.

9. Speed Boosts

Glowing shoes increase Vex’s movement and attack speed for a short duration. Use the boost to quickly maneuver past obstacles or get in close to enemies. You can combo attack much faster during the speed boost.

10. Treasure Chests

These chests appear after clearing arena mode waves or completing story chapters. They provide useful rewards like gems or permanent stat boosts. Prioritize opening chests – they offer incentives to keep playing.

Using items skillfully is integral to succeeding in Vex 7 coolmathgames tougher challenges. Now let’s discuss strategies for taking down specific enemy types.

How to Handle Enemies and Obstacles?

How to Handle Enemies and Obstacles

Each level of Vex 7 Cool Math Games introduces new enemies and hazards to deal with. Here are some tips for coming out on top against them:

1. Slimes

These basic enemies simply hop toward Vex. Cut them down quickly with your sword before they can overwhelm you in numbers. Jump over them then strike from behind. Shoot them at range if possible.

2. Skeletons

Armored skeletons wield swords and shields. Dodge their strikes then counterattack. Lure shield skeletons in close then circle behind to strike their unprotected back. Knock them off ledges from a distance.

3. Wizards

Keep moving to avoid the magical bursts these enemies shoot. Try to fight them one at a time – their attacks can be difficult to dodge in numbers. Use power arrows for quick kills.

4. Spikes

Steer clear of rising and falling spike traps. Observe their pattern first, then carefully time your movement in the safe intervals between spikes. Rush past stationary spikes before they extend.

5. Saw Blades

These spinning blades move along set paths. Bait them into swinging, then quickly jump past when the way is clear. Shoot arrows through safe gaps in their guard. Never let saws pin you against a wall.

Saw Blades in vex 7

6. Lava Pits

These molten pools quickly drain Vex’s health if you fall in. Check for bubbles – they indicate emerging lava geysers to avoid. Leap over any pits you encounter and refrain from fighting near lava.

With quick reactions and proper strategies, you can counter anything vex 7 github levels throw your way. Stay light on your toes and keep moving to survive.

Conquering Tough Bosses

The end of each coolmathgames vex 7 chapter culminates in an epic boss battle. These massive enemies have unique attacks and a lot more health. Bosses require patience, pattern recognition, and quick reflexes to take down. Here are some key boss battle tips:

  1. Keep your distance initially to learn their attacks and openings. Never stop moving.
  2. Conserve health vials and ammo before the fight – you’ll need them.
  3. Equip stat boosts that increase damage or resistance. The extra edge helps.
  4. Focus on dodging until you see a clear opportunity to strike safely.
  5. After taking damage, vex 7 play online extra cautiously instead of rushing in recklessly.
  6. Burst down bosses when they are briefly stunned after taking major damage.

With determination and focus, you’ll eventually triumph. Learning boss patterns takes time, so don’t become disheartened. Victory is extremely satisfying after a grueling battle. Now get out there and conquer those bosses!

Chasing High Scores

Vex 7 provides incentives to replay levels through scoring mechanics. Here are some tips for maximizing your score:

  • Complete levels as quickly as possible. The speed bonus multiplier is huge.
  • Take no damage for a perfect bonus. Avoid all hits, not just lethal ones.
  • Kill enemies rapidly in succession for combo bonuses. Chain together nonstop carnage.
  • Hunt for all gems in a level to get the collection bonus gems provide.
  • Open all chests after arena waves or story chapters. Don’t leave rewards unclaimed.
  • Equip score multiplier gear to increase values. Combine with other bonuses to rack up millions.
  • Master levels until you can complete flawless high-speed runs. Practice makes perfect for max score.

With dedication, you can climb the leaderboards and become the ultimate Vex 7 scorer. Now on to expanding your capabilities even further with upgrades.

Vex 7 scorer

Upgrading Your Powers

By collecting gems and completing levels, you’ll earn stars to spend on permanent upgrades and gear. This allows you to strengthen Vex beyond his starting capabilities. Here are some recommendations:

  1. Increase health and stamina for survival. This enables more mistakes before death.
  2. Upgrade attack power and critical hit chance to defeat enemies faster. One-shot weak foes.
  3. Purchase armor, helmets, and accessories that boost stats or provide bonuses during gameplay like extra damage or speed.
  4. Expand your arsenal with more arrow types and new secondary weapons like bombs or chakrams. More options increase versatility.
  5. Unlock unique skills like triple jumps, air dashes, and slam attacks to traverse levels more quickly and aggressively.

Purchasing upgrades tailors to your play vex 7 styles. For example, you can focus on speed and quick kills or high defense and tanking. Mix and match gear and skills to create your ideal build.

Unlocking Secret Areas

Vex 7 contains hidden secrets and alternate routes on many levels. Keep an eye out for breakable walls that lead to hidden gem stashes or entire secret sections. Here are some tips for uncovering secrets:

  • Slash suspicious walls that sound different when struck. Listen for a dull thud.
  • Bomb suspicious floors and walls to blast them open.
  • Search levels thoroughly instead of rushing to find false walls or out-of-the-way paths.
  • Complete levels without dying to possibly trigger new routes or secret portals.
  • Look for cracked surfaces, smaller bricks, or arrow markers pointing to unseen areas.

Exploring secret areas provides greater challenges and rewards. It also unlocks bonus levels for even more content. Don’t just blaze through – take time to poke around.

Survival Mode

For an extra challenge, try the unlockable survival mode. This endurance gauntlet pits you against exponentially increasing hordes of enemies to see how long you can last. Tips for surviving as long as possible:

  • Constantly moving and dodging – standing still results in quick death.
  • Use a wide area of effect attacks like chakrams to thin horde numbers.
  • Grab health constantly to counteract gradual ticking damage.
  • Save invincibility for emergencies like being surrounded or trapped.
  • bursts.

Surviving over 5 minutes requires great skill. Can you become the king of survival mode against endless armies of foes?


With its appealing retro style, chaotic action gameplay, and wide range of content, it’s easy to lose countless hours mastering Vex 7. This guide provides essential tips to help you conquer levels, defeat challenging bosses, maximize scoring, and unlock secrets. Here are some final tips as you journey through Vex 7:

  • Experiment with different gear, upgrades, and skills to find your optimal playstyle.
  • Learn enemy patterns and level layouts until you can complete them flawlessly.
  • Aim for mastery and high scores by replaying levels after completion.
  • Explore thoroughly and leave no secrets undiscovered.
  • Stay focused yet flexible during intense combat and platforming.

Now get out there, brave the perilous realms of Vex 7, and show what a skilled hero you can be. Glory and riches await!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are the controls in Vex 7?

The main controls are arrow keys to move and jump, X to attack with your sword, C to fire arrows, and S to block. You can also crouch and dash. Advanced moves like combos and dodges expand your options.

How do you beat bosses in Vex 7?

Boss battles require patience and pattern recognition. Keep your distance initially and focus only on dodging until you can identify safe times to strike. Conserve resources before the fight. Equip stat-boosting gear. Burst the boss down when it is briefly stunned.

What is the best gear in Vex 7?

The best gear boosts stats like health, attack power, critical hit chance, and score multipliers. Look for items that complement your playstyle. For example, armor for tanking hits or bows for rapid attacks. Mix and match for your ideal build.

How do you find secrets in Vex 7?

Search for false walls by striking suspicious surfaces. Bomb questionable floors. Look for visual hints like cracked bricks. Explore thoroughly off main paths. Complete levels without dying. Secrets provide gems, new routes, and bonus challenges.

How can you get high scores in Vex 7?

Focus on speed, perfection, chaining combos, collecting all gems, opening all chests, and utilizing score multipliers. Master levels for flawless runs. Replay often to keep improving your score. Compete on the leaderboards.