Spotify JWT Expired Error: Causes and Solutions

Are you tired of being interrupted mid-song by a frustrating Spotify JWT Expired Error message? You’re not alone. Many Spotify users have encountered this issue, and it can quickly put a damper on your music-listening experience.

The Spotify JWT expired error can be frustrating to deal with as a user. This error prevents you from streaming music and using other Spotify features. But don’t worry – in most cases, it’s an easy fix.

What Causes the Spotify JWT Expired Error? (4 Causes)

JWT stands for JSON Web Token. It’s an authentication method used by Spotify to verify your account session and permissions. Here are some common reasons why your Spotify JWT may expire:

1. Your Session Timed Out

Spotify web sessions typically last around 1 hour. If you leave Spotify open but inactive in your browser for longer than this, you may get the expired JWT error when trying to play music again.

2. You Logged Out of Your Account

Manually logging out of your Spotify account will immediately invalidate your JWT. So if you log out and try to resume streaming, expect to see expired token errors.

3. You Revoked App Permissions

If you disconnect a connected app from your Spotify account, this revokes that app’s access permissions. So apps like Spotify web player rely on those permissions, and losing them will break the JWT authentication.

4. Your System Clock Is Incorrect

The JWT contains an expiration time based on your device’s internal clock. If your system clock gets out of sync, Spotify may see your JWT as expired before the listed time.

So in summary – session timeouts, logouts, permission changes, and clock issues can all cause the Spotify JWT expired message.

How to Fix the Expired JWT Error? [7 Methods]

Luckily, this error has some quick solutions to get your Spotify back online. Here are 7 methods to fix Spotify’s JWT expired error:

1. Refresh The Page

A simple page refresh will generate a new JWT token for the current Spotify web session. Unless you’re logged out, this often resolves random JWT errors.

2. Re-Login to Your Spotify Account

One fallback is fully logging out of your Spotify account, closing the browser, reopening it, and logging back in. This forces the creation of a brand new valid JWT when you log back in.

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3. Restart Your Device or Browser

For desktop apps and web players, a restart will clear out any stuck Spotify processes or sessions. After restarting your device/browser, try Spotify again with a new token.

4. Check Your System Clock

Make sure your operating system clock matches the current time. If not, update it. Since Spotify JWTs rely on accurate time, fixing the clock often resolves errors.

checking the system clock

5. Revoke and Re-Allow Spotify App Permissions

If the expired Spotify token started after you revoked permissions for Spotify or related apps, re-allow those permissions through your Spotify account. New tokens will be generated.

Spotify App Permissions Revoked

6. Try Spotify on Another Device

Determine if the expired JWT issue is isolated to one device or exists across all devices. This can confirm whether it’s a device-specific or account-wide issue.

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7. Contact Spotify Support

If all else fails, reach out to Spotify’s customer support team. They can troubleshoot hidden accounts or system issues causing repeated JWT errors.

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While frustrating, Spotify’s expired JWT error almost always has a quick fix. Simply refresh your browser, re-login to Spotify, restart your device, double-check system clock accuracy, review app permissions, and test other devices.

In rare cases where the issue persists across devices, contact Spotify’s customer support team for help restoring your account’s full functionality.

FAQs About Spotify’s JWT Expired Error

What is a JWT token?

JWT stands for JSON Web Token – an open standard that defines a compact way to securely transmit identity and access control information between parties as a JSON object.

Why does Spotify use JWT tokens?

Spotify uses JWT tokens to validate user identity and session activity across devices and web browsers, allowing seamless, persistent streaming.

How long do Spotify JWT tokens last?

Spotify web player sessions and JWT tokens typically last around 1 hour. After which time, tokens may expire and require a refresh.

Can expired tokens be renewed?

Yes, in most cases refreshed Spotify web sessions will generate new valid JWT access tokens, allowing resumed streaming.

Does Spotify Premium prevent JWT expiration?

No, Spotify JWT tokens can expire regardless of having a Premium or free account. Premium status does enable enhanced features when streaming resumes.

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