Is Garth Brooks on Spotify? Here’s the Answer

Garth Brooks is one of the most successful and beloved country music stars of all time. With record-breaking album sales and sold-out stadium tours under his belt, Brooks has become a household name and country music icon.

However, in the age of music streaming, many fans wonder if they can listen to Garth Brooks’ hits on platforms like Spotify.

Brooks has had a complex relationship with streaming services, so let’s take a closer look at whether his music is currently available on Spotify.

A Brief History of Garth Brooks’ Music Availability

Garth Brooks rose to fame in the late 1980s and 1990s during the peak of physical album and CD sales. He famously did not make his catalog available on iTunes until 2014, several years after the service launched.

Brooks has been selective about what streaming services could offer his music, likely due to royalty and licensing deals. His 2016 album “Gunslinger” was available on Amazon Music but not Spotify.

In 2020, his album “Fun” was available exclusively through Amazon Music for several months before expanding to other services. This pattern shows Brooks’ caution and selectivity when it comes to streaming.

How Streaming Platforms Have Impacted Music Access?

The rise of music streaming services like Spotify has revolutionized how fans listen to and access music. With on-demand streaming and playlists, Spotify offers ease of use and discovery that physical music formats lack.

How Streaming Platforms Have Impacted Music Access

However, some artists like him have reservations about making their catalogs widely available on streaming. Lower royalty payouts from Podcast streaming services compared to physical sales are likely one concern.

However, restricted streaming availability frustrates consumers who expect on-demand access. As physical sales decline, streaming availability impacts how old and new fans can access an artist’s work.

Garth Brooks’ Views on Spotify and Streaming

He has openly shared his misgivings about streaming services like Spotify. In 2016, he told TMZ “We just don’t like how our music is treated there.” Garth likely wants more control over his catalog and royalty rates.

However, his wife Trisha Yearwood said he is not against streaming but is still figuring out the best way to make it work for his music.

In 2020, Garth struck an exclusive streaming deal with Amazon Music for his album “Fun,” showing he sees potential value in exclusive partnerships. But so far, Brooks has not embraced Spotify as a distribution platform.

Is Garth Brooks on Spotify Now?

As of November 2023, The full catalog is still not available on Spotify. His album “Fun” is now available after the exclusive period with Amazon Music ended. But Spotify users cannot access most of Brooks’ classic hits and discography.

So for fans hoping to make garth-filled playlists on Spotify or listen to his essential tracks, they are still out of luck. This could change in the future, but Spotify currently only offers a limited selection of Brooks’ music.

Is Garth Brooks on Spotify Now

What Do Fans Think About the Situation?

Given Brooks’ immense popularity, many fans wish his full catalog was on Spotify. Some fans understand his stance on royalties and artist control of his work. But others feel frustrated that they cannot easily stream his hits on their platform of choice.

His selective deals with services like Amazon Music also disappoint fans who want equal access. Still, some hardcore fans don’t mind buying or downloading his albums directly as he intends them to be heard. There seems to be no consensus among fans about whether he should fully embrace Spotify or not.

The Future Outlook

It is unclear if or when he might ever fully make his catalog available on Spotify. Given his past selectivity and exclusivity deals with other streaming services, he may continue to limit access to his work.

However, as streaming becomes an increasingly dominant form of music consumption, Brooks may eventually decide to expand availability.

His legacy as a country star would certainly be bolstered by letting new generations of fans discover his music on their platform of choice. But for now, his absence on Spotify remains disappointing for many fans.

But Where’s You Can Find Garth Brooks

Some people are scared about that Why Isn’t Garth Brooks on Spotify? And they can find the Garth Brooks. So, here are some key points about finding his music on YouTube, his website, and Amazon Music:

  • YouTube: Brooks has an official YouTube channel where you can find music videos, live performances, and interviews. It’s a great resource for fans to hear and see Brooks perform hits like “Friends in Low Places” and “The Dance”.
  • Garth Brooks Website: On, you can purchase CDs, vinyl records, and digital downloads of Brooks’ albums going back to his debut in 1989. His website is the best official source for physical media and digital recordings.
  • Amazon Music: Through an exclusive partnership, Amazon Music currently has the most comprehensive catalog available for streaming. You can find studio albums, live albums, compilations, and more on the platform. Playlists and stations dedicated to Brooks are also available.
  • Other options: While not his full catalog, Apple Music and iTunes also have a significant portion of his music available to stream or purchase. And his popular YouTube videos let you sample his hits for free.

So in summary, YouTube, his official website, and Amazon Music are currently the best places to find Garth Brooks’ music online. His website has the biggest selection available for purchase, while Amazon Music is the top source for streaming his songs.

Where You Can Find Garth Brooks

His YouTube channel is great for music videos and live clips as well. He likes to maintain control of his catalog, so it takes some digging across a few platforms to find all of his material.


Garth Brooks’ unique career and tremendous success have allowed him to be selective with how his music is distributed. For now, his full catalog remains unavailable on Spotify, to the dismay of many fans.

But Brooks has struck deals with other streaming services, so there is still a possibility he may open up access on Spotify one day. Still, fans hoping to stream all their Garth favorites in one place are currently out of luck.

The situation shows the complications and debates artists like Brooks face in the streaming music era. But it also demonstrates Brooks’ determination to leverage his catalog in ways that work for his priorities as an artist, on his terms.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

Why isn’t Garth Brooks’ full catalog on Spotify?

Garth Brooks has intentionally chosen not to put his full catalog on Spotify, likely due to concerns over royalty rates and maintaining control over his work. He has negotiated exclusive deals with other platforms like Amazon Music instead.

What Garth Brooks songs are on Spotify?

As of November 2023, Spotify only offers Brooks’ 2020 album “Fun” plus a handful of singles and features. The majority of his discography is not available.

Will Garth Brooks ever be on Spotify?

It’s possible, but not guaranteed. Brooks has warmed up to streaming with deals for other platforms, so he may eventually partner with Spotify as well. But so far, he has declined to make his full catalog available.

Where can I stream Garth Brooks’s music online?

For now, Amazon Music will have the most comprehensive selection of Brooks’ music available for streaming. His album “Fun” is also on Spotify. Otherwise, fans will have to purchase his music digitally or physically.

Why might Garth Brooks eventually put his music on Spotify?

As streaming becomes more dominant, Brooks may decide to make his catalog more widely accessible, especially to gain new and younger fans. More favorable royalty deals could also persuade him to work with Spotify.

Does Garth Brooks’ stance against Spotify hurt his legacy?

Some fans are disappointed not to easily stream Brooks’ hits on Spotify. But others don’t mind his selective approach to streaming and respect his decisions on distributing his music. His legacy remains intact either way.

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