How to Transfer Spotify Playlists to Another Device

With Spotify, you can easily transfer your playlists from one device to another. Whether you want to move your playlists to a new phone, tablet, or computer, Spotify makes it simple to keep your music collection with you wherever you go.

In this comprehensive guide, the Spotifyerrors team will walk through the steps to transfer Spotify playlists to another device.

How to Transfer Spotify Playlists to Another Device

Once you’ve spent countless hours curating the perfect playlist on Spotify, it can be frustrating to feel limited by accessing it only on one device.

Luckily, transferring your playlists to another device is easier than ever. All you need is a few simple steps and you’ll have your beloved playlists at your fingertips in no time.

1. Select the Playlist to Transfer

First, open the Spotify app on the device that currently has the playlist you want to transfer. Tap on the “Your Library” option at the bottom of the screen, and secondly, select the “Playlists” option.

selecting the playlist to transfer

Here you can view and change the playlists in your Spotify account. Tap on the playlist you want to transfer to select it. The selected playlist will have a green checkmark next to it.

2. Copy the Spotify Playlist Link

With the playlist selected, tap on the three dots (…) menu in the upper right corner. Select “Share” then tap “Copy Song Link”. This copies the unique URL for the playlist to your clipboard.

proceed to copy the playlist link

3. Paste the Link to the New Device

Now open the Spotify premium app on the new device and tap on “Your Library” then “Playlists”. Tap on the “+” icon in the upper right corner to create a new playlist. Name the playlist, then tap on “Add songs” below the playlist name.

how to paste the link to the new device

In the “Add songs” section, tap on the search bar at the top and paste in the playlist URL you copied earlier. Tap on the playlist to add it.

4. Transfer Playlists to a New Spotify Account

If you want to transfer playlists to an entirely new Spotify account, the process is the same. Simply copy the playlist link from the old account, create a new playlist in the new account, and paste the link to add the songs.

how to transfer spotify playlists to new account

This allows you to seamlessly transfer your Spotify playlists to a new Spotify account.

5. Share Collaborative Playlists

For collaborative playlists you’ve created or subscribed to, the steps are the same. Just copy the playlist link and paste it into the new account. Both accounts will be able to edit the playlist and add new songs.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do I transfer a Spotify playlist to another device?

To transfer a Spotify playlist, open the Spotify app on the device that has the playlist. Tap on the 3 dots next to the playlist name, select “Share Playlist” and then “Copy Playlist Link”. Then open the Spotify app on the new device, create a new playlist, and paste the copied link in to add the songs.

Can I transfer playlists to a new Spotify account?

Yes, you can transfer playlists to a completely new Spotify account by copying the playlist link from the old account and pasting it into a new playlist in the new account. This will transfer all of the songs to the playlist.

How do I transfer collaborative playlists?

Collaborative playlists can also be transferred between accounts by copying the playlist link. Both the old and new accounts will be able to edit the playlist after transferring.

What if I only want to transfer some songs from a playlist?

Unfortunately, there is no way to only transfer certain songs from a Spotify playlist to another account. You have to transfer the entire playlist. You can delete songs you don’t want after transferring.

Do I have to pay to transfer playlists between devices?

No, transferring Spotify playlists between devices or accounts is free. You just need an active Spotify account on both devices.

Can I transfer playlists if I only have a free Spotify account?

Yes, playlist transfers work the same whether you have a free or premium Spotify account. There are no restrictions on transferring playlists with a free account.

How long does it take to transfer a playlist?

Transferring a playlist is nearly instant after pasting the playlist link into the new device or account. The songs will immediately populate in the new playlist.


In conclusion, transferring your Spotify playlists to new devices or accounts is easy with the playlist link method. Just copy the link, create a new playlist, and paste to instantly add the songs. With this process, you can keep your Spotify music collection with you no matter what device you use or if you create a new account. Your playlists and liking for curating music on Spotify will remain portable.

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