How to Remove Podcasts from Spotify? [Updated Guide 2024]

With over 2.9 million podcasts on Spotify as of 2024, your podcast feed can quickly become cluttered with shows you tried once but no longer listen to regularly. Removing podcasts helps declutter your profile and creates space to discover new favorites. Fortunately, Spotify makes it simple to take control of your podcast subscriptions and listening experience.

This comprehensive guide will walk you through how to remove podcasts from Spotify in just a few easy steps. Whether you use Spotify’s mobile app or desktop platform, we’ll cover how to view your current podcast subscriptions, unfollow shows you no longer want, delete downloaded episodes, and adjust your podcast settings. With a refined list of must-listen podcasts, you can make the most of your Spotify account and ensure your “Your Library” tab only includes the content you care about.

Let’s get started cleaning up those podcast subscriptions! First up is checking which podcast shows you currently follow on Spotify.

Checking Your Podcast Subscriptions

The first step to removing podcasts from Spotify is to check which podcasts you are currently subscribed to. Spotify allows you to follow podcast shows, which means new episodes will automatically appear on your list when they are released.

Before removing podcasts, it’s helpful to review your subscriptions so you know exactly which shows you want to keep or remove.

To check your subscribed podcasts on Spotify:

1. Viewing Podcast Subscriptions on Mobile

If you use Spotify’s mobile app, open the app and tap on “Your Library” at the bottom of the screen. Next, select the “Podcasts” option. This will display all the podcasts you are currently following. Scroll through to view your full list of subscribed shows.

2. Viewing Podcast Subscriptions on Desktop

If you use the desktop version of Spotify, click on “Your Library” in the left sidebar menu. Choose “Podcasts” from the library options. You will then see your full list of podcast subscriptions. Review the list so you know which podcasts you wish to keep or remove.

3. Removing Podcast Subscriptions

Once you’ve identified the podcasts you want to remove from Spotify, unsubscribing is an easy process on both mobile and desktop.

Here are the steps:

a. Unsubscribing on Mobile

  • Open the Spotify app and tap on “Your Library” then “Podcasts
  • Locate the podcast that you wish to stop receiving updates from.
  • Tap on the 3 dots beside the podcast title
  • Choose “Unfollow

Repeat these steps to unfollow additional Spotify podcasts. The podcast will no longer be visible in the list of podcasts you follow.

b. Unsubscribing on Desktop

  • Click “Your Library” and select “Podcasts
  • Hover your cursor over the podcast you want to remove
  • Click the “Unfollow” button that appears

Follow the steps again to unfollow any other podcasts, removing them from your subscriptions and Spotify library.

4. Removing Downloaded Podcast Episodes

In addition to unsubscribing from podcast shows, you may also want to remove downloaded podcast episodes from Spotify. This clears up additional storage space.

Here is how to delete podcast episodes:

On Mobile

  • Tap “Your Library” and select “Podcasts
  • Browse the list and tap on a podcast episode
  • Tap the 3 dots menu in the upper right
  • Choose “Remove from device

Do this for all downloaded episodes you wish to delete.

On Desktop

  • Click “Your Library” then select “Podcasts
  • Right-click on an episode
  • Choose “Remove from Your Episodes

Follow these instructions to remove all downloaded podcasts from your Spotify account.

Revisiting Podcast Settings

After removing podcasts, you may also want to revisit your podcast settings on Spotify. This allows you to control the automatic downloading behavior for any remaining podcasts you are still subscribed to.

Here’s how to update your podcast settings:

1. Podcast Settings on Mobile

  • Tap the “Home” icon
  • Tap the gear “Settings” icon
  • Choose “Podcasts
  • Toggle podcast download settings on or off

You can disable automatic downloading for all podcasts or customize per show.

2.  Podcast Settings on Desktop

  • Click the down arrow by your profile
  • Select “Settings
  • Choose “Podcasts
  • Toggle podcast download settings on or off

Use these settings to better control podcast behavior in Spotify after removing shows.


Successfully removing podcasts from Spotify simply requires going through your subscriptions, unfollowing any unwanted shows, and deleting downloaded episodes. Additionally, podcast settings can be adjusted as needed to disable automatic downloading.

With this handy guide, you can easily take control of podcasts and tailor Spotify to include only your favorite shows. If you later wish to re-follow a removed podcast, you can always search and subscribe again at any time. Happy listening!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Will unfollowing a podcast on Spotify delete my listening history or progress?

No, Spotify will save your history and progress for podcasts even after unfollowing. If you resubscribe in the future, your play status will be restored.

Can I sort my Spotify podcast library alphabetically or by most recent?

Yes, Spotify allows you to switch between alphabetical order or sorting by most recent when viewing subscribed podcasts in Your Library.

Is there a podcast limit for how many shows I can subscribe to?

Spotify does not enforce any subscription limits for podcasts. You can follow as many different podcast shows as you’d like.

What is the difference between unfollowing vs. unsubscribing from podcasts?

There is no difference – both terms refer to the same process of removing a podcast from your Spotify subscriptions.

Can podcasts I remove from Spotify still be found in search results?

Yes, removing a subscription does not delete podcasts from Spotify’s catalog. You can still find unfollowed shows by searching or browsing.

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