How To Listen To Joe Rogan’s Podcast Without Spotify

Joe Rogan’s podcast, The Joe Rogan Experience, has become one of the most popular talk shows and podcasts in the world. Since its launch in 2009, the show has featured conversations between Joe Rogan and guests including Elon Musk, Edward Snowden, Neil deGrasse Tyson, Bernie Sanders and many others.

In 2020, Rogan signed an exclusive deal with Spotify reportedly worth over $100 million. This restricts full episodes of his podcast solely to Spotify’s platform. While a huge boon for Spotify in bolstering its podcast catalog, this deal alienated some fans who prefer other platforms or dislike Spotify’s interface.

In this guide, we’ll break down the various methods to access full episodes of The Joe Rogan Experience on platforms besides Spotify.

How To Listen To Joe Rogan’s Podcast Without Spotify

If you want to listen to Joe Rogan’s podcast without using Spotify, there are still several options available.

1. Use Rogan’s YouTube Channel

The simplest option is to listen via Joe Rogan’s official YouTube channel, PowerfulJRE. On this channel, you’ll find clips taken from the full podcast episodes. While not as convenient as full episodes, you can still enjoy highlights covering your topics of interest.

Joe Rogan youtube channel

With 14.7 million subscribers, PowerfulJRE is one of the most popular channels on YouTube. Popular clips often get millions of views each. It’s a great way to get a flavor of Rogan’s conversations and guests without requiring Spotify.

The channel uploads multiple new clips daily taken from the newest episodes. You can browse by popularity or use YouTube’s search to find discussions about specific topics.

While not full episodes, Rogan’s YouTube channel remains a handy resource for Rogan fans who don’t want to switch to Spotify completely.

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2. Try Rogan’s Website

Along with YouTube, Rogan also makes some episodes of his podcast available in audio format on his website,

Specifically, you’ll find the most recent 30-50 episodes available to stream from the website. The home page features the latest uploads first.

While not as extensive as Spotify’s full catalog, you can still enjoy around a month’s worth of the most recent shows without Spotify. This allows you to keep up with new episodes in a convenient way.

The Rogan website also features video clips, guest information, tour dates, merch, and more. Poke around for photos, episode guides and other content. It’s the best online destination for all things Joe Rogan.

podcost on Joe Rogan website

3. How To Listen To Joe Rogan’s Podcast on Apple Podcasts

Before the exclusive Spotify deal, The Joe Rogan Experience enjoyed immense popularity on Apple Podcasts. At one point, it consistently ranked as the top podcast on the platform.

When Rogan moved to Spotify Plus Plus exclusively, his Apple Podcasts catalog stopped receiving new episodes. However, Apple Podcasts still hosts full archives of the show up until the end of 2020.

This means you can listen to any and all episodes from the beginning of 2009 up until the Spotify transfer on December 31, 2020. For long-time fans, this allows you to revisit classic episodes and guests from the early years.

While no new episodes are coming, Apple Podcasts remains a handy destination for Rogan fans to access over a decade of podcast archives.

4. Try Other Podcast Apps

Beyond the main platforms above, The Joe Rogan Experience podcast remains available on some third-party podcasting apps:

  • TuneIn: This internet radio app features a large catalog of Rogan’s older episodes dating back to 2011. You won’t find the newest episodes but you can still access his archives.
  • Podcast Addict: This podcatcher features one of the largest Joe Rogan libraries available outside Spotify, with over 1,600 episodes dating back to 2009. Enjoy classic episodes here.
  • Castbox: This podcast app provides access to Rogan’s episodes from mid-2019 onwards, allowing you to listen to shows through the end of 2020.

Check your favorite podcast app to see if any older episodes of JRE are still accessible. Many apps draw from unofficial feeds and sources to offer expansive libraries.

Podcast Apps

5. Listen on SiriusXM

If you’re a SiriusXM subscriber, select episodes of Joe Rogan’s podcast are available on the Faction Talk channel, alongside other talk shows.

Full episodes are not available but you can listen to lengthy clips and excerpts from recent shows. This allows satellite radio listeners to enjoy highlights from Rogan’s acclaimed podcast without switching platforms.

6. Consider Downloading Full Episodes

While most streaming platforms only offer clips or archives, you can find full recordings of Joe Rogan podcast episodes available to download elsewhere online.

Obviously, downloading copyrighted content illegally poses risks. But some websites feature user-uploaded recordings of Rogan’s shows. This removes the bounds of Spotify exclusivity.

We won’t link directly to pirated content sources here. But with some savvy web searching, you can likely find archives of MP3 files and other recordings separate from official platforms.

As mentioned, however, there are ethical and legal hazards with unsanctioned downloading. Proceed thoughtfully and carefully if accessing unlicensed Rogan episodes.

7. Wait It Out on Spotify

Rogan’s deal with Spotify runs for multiple years but is not necessarily permanent or lifelong. The podcaster himself has hinted he may take the show elsewhere when his contract expires.

If you strongly dislike Spotify, it may be worth waiting some years until the show possibly moves again. After his contract ends, there is a decent chance Rogan will diversify his distribution once more across multiple platforms.

Of course, this is just speculation – the exclusivity may continue for the long term. But don’t lose hope that The Joe Rogan Experience podcast may eventually return to your preferred platform someday.

8. Request the Show on Other Platforms

This leads to our final suggestion – let your preferred podcast platform know you want to see Joe Rogan return someday.

The more listeners that request Rogan, the more incentive platforms have to make it happen.

Send emails to podcast platforms like Apple and Google Podcasts expressing interest in once again distributing the show. Be polite in tone of course. Platforms tally such requests to guide business decisions like licensing talks.

If Rogan’s exclusivity lapses someday, your feedback provides data to help bring the show back to former homes. Plus, it reminds distributors of the demand.

So speak up to your chosen providers – but avoid hostility or demands. Simple polite requests to carry the show again someday may hold surprising influence.

Other Platforms for podcast


While Joe Rogan’s podcast is now restricted to Spotify exclusively, fans still have plenty of options to enjoy clips, archives, and recordings from the show elsewhere. With some effort, you can keep up with his latest episodes and guests without necessarily subscribing to Spotify if you prefer other platforms.

Wherever you choose to listen, Rogan’s show undoubtedly remains a juggernaut in the podcasting world with keen insights, debates, and discussions.

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