How To Grow Your Spotify Followers Using ToneDen [2023 Study]

Spotify has become one of the most popular music streaming platforms, with over 422 million active monthly users as of 2022. For artists and podcasters, having a strong presence on Spotify is crucial for reaching new fans and growing an audience. However, getting discovered on Spotify can be challenging with over 82 million tracks and 4 million podcasts on the platform.

In this article, we’ll examine how one artist leveraged ToneDen’s marketing platform to grow their Spotify followers and engagement. We’ll discuss their strategy, results, and key takeaways for using ToneDen to effectively promote your Spotify profile.

About the Artist

Lili Marie is a singer-songwriter based in Nashville, TN. She has released two EPs and several singles, amassing over 5,000 Spotify followers. However, Lili wanted to grow her audience further by running targeted campaigns on Spotify.

After researching different marketing options, she decided to use ToneDen for her Spotify growth campaigns. ToneDen is a platform that enables artists to create targeted campaigns across streaming platforms and music websites.

The Spotify Campaign Strategy

Lili launched two back-to-back Spotify campaigns through ToneDen, focused on the following:

Targeting Spotify Users by Location and Interests

Lili targeted Spotify listeners in Nashville, TN, and other local areas where she had existing fans. She further targeted music fans interested in “acoustic”, “pop” and related genres. This enabled her ads to reach her ideal audience.

Promoting New Single Release

The first campaign goal was growing overall followers. The second campaign specifically promoted her new single to existing fans and followers.

Retargeting Engaged Users

Lili created lookalike audiences of fans who engaged with her first campaign and retargeted them with her second campaign. This helped convert engaged listeners into followers.

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Spotify Premium Targeting

She targeted both free and premium Spotify users, knowing premium users generate more revenue streams.

spotify premium targeting

Optimizing Ad Creative

Lili A/B tested different visuals, captions, and call-to-actions in her ads to determine what performed best.

Campaign Results

Over the two campaigns, Lili gained over 1,200 new Spotify followers in one month. Other key results included:

  • Over 150,000 Spotify impressions
  • 2,357 Spotify profile clicks
  • 1,834 Spotify track streams
  • Lower than average cost per click ($0.28 vs. $0.60 industry average)

Lili was thrilled with her results, gaining new engaged followers for less than $500 total spend.

How to Grow Your Spotify Followers With ToneDen in 30 Days

Lili’s campaigns provide valuable insights for artists looking to grow their Spotify presence using ToneDen:

  • Target listeners in your existing markets – Start with areas where you already have a fanbase.
  • Target fans of your genre – Serve your ads to music fans likely to enjoy your work.
  • Promote new releases – Run campaigns around releasing singles/albums to maximize interest.
  • Retarget engaged users – Remarket to listeners who interact with your campaigns.
  • Test ad creative – Try different visuals, captions, and calls to action to optimize performance.
  • Analyze data – Review campaign analytics to understand your top converting audiences and creativity.
  • Set realistic goals – Decide clear targets for impressions, clicks, streams, etc. based on your budget.

grow your spotify followers using toneden

By taking a strategic, data-driven approach, artists can run effective Spotify growth campaigns on a budget using ToneDen’s platform. Lili’s success story demonstrates the significant audience gains possible with targeted Spotify marketing.

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With the right targeting, creative testing, and optimization, ToneDen provides an excellent solution for expanding your reach on Spotify. Whether you’re an emerging or established artist, strategic Spotify marketing can help you find and engage new loyal fans on the world’s most popular audio streaming platform.