How to Get Spotify Presale Codes for Concert Tickets

Getting early access to tickets through Spotify presale codes is a major perk for Spotify users. According to data, over 50% of event tickets are sold during presales, before the general public even gets a chance. So learning How to Get Spotify Presale Codes can help you score concert tickets before your favorite shows sell out.

As an avid Spotify user, you may have noticed those tempting artist updates in your web browser or app mentioning presales. Presale ticket deals are typically offered through ticketing companies partnered with artists to give their top fans first dibs.

What Is Spotify Presale Codes?

Spotify presale codes are special promotional codes that give Spotify users early access to purchase event tickets before the general public sale. Artists will partner with Spotify to offer presale ticket opportunities to their biggest fans on the platform.

Getting a Spotify presale code can give you the chance to buy tickets to highly anticipated shows days or even weeks before everyone else. This improves your odds of getting good seats before the best tickets sell out.

Presale codes are typically a short combination of letters and numbers unique to each Spotify subscriber. They are good for a limited window – usually 24-48 hours – before the general on-sale begins. Spotify++ presales represent prime opportunities for superfans to score seats to their favorite music events.

How to Get Spotify Presale Codes? [A Complete Guide]

Here’s how to take advantage of these special offers and get exclusive presale codes for concerts:

1. Enable Notifications on Spotify

The first step is making sure your Spotify account has notifications enabled. You want to allow the music platform to send you updates, otherwise, you’ll miss out on presale opportunities.

To do this, log into your Spotify account and go to your account page. Click on notification settings and opt-in to receive updates. Be sure the correct email address is associated with your Spotify account too.

Now when artists you follow announce upcoming shows, you’ll get push notifications or Spotify Fans First emails alerting you to presales.

Enabling Notifications on Spotify

2. Follow Artists You Want To See Live

In order to get alerts about presales, you need to follow the artists holding the events on Spotify.

Go through and make sure all the musicians you’d want presale tickets for are followed on your Spotify account. This allows their updates to appear right in your Spotify feed and notifications.

The more relevant artists you follow, the more likely you’ll be notified about presales for shows you actually want to attend. So keep your finger on the pulse of new followings.

3. Watch for Presale Code Announcements

Once you receive an alert that an artist you follow has a presale, it’s gone time!

Presale codes are typically valid for a short window before the general on-sale, usually 24-48 hours. So you’ll want to act fast.

The presale notification will often mention where to find the exclusive presale code. It may be on the artist’s website, social media pages, email list, or Spotify account.

Check all these sources to try and track down the code. Sometimes it takes a bit of hunting to find it!

The presale code will likely be a short combination of letters/numbers you’ll need to enter during checkout on the ticketing website.

Watch for Presale Code Announcements

4. Have Your Ticket Accounts Ready

When you locate the presale code, you’ll want to hurry over to the concert ticketing website and input it to access tickets.

Make sure you already have accounts with major ticketing companies like Ticketmaster, AXS, LiveNation, etc. This saves you precious time from having to create an account during the pressure of presales.

With your accounts ready, copy the unique presale code and paste it into the promo code box during checkout. Then you can easily snap up those coveted early tickets!

5. Act Quickly When Presales Open

Timing is everything when Spotify presales launch. You’ll typically have 12-48 hours before the general on-sale opens up.

Log into the ticketing website ahead of the presale and wait for the countdown clock. Right when the presale starts, jump in to lock down tickets.

Presale tickets for popular shows can sell out in minutes or hours. So don’t hesitate or you might miss out!

6. Check Your SPAM Folder

Sometimes key presale code emails end up in SPAM or promotions folders. So if you haven’t seen a presale notification leading up to the on-sale date, dig through your other inboxes just in case.

You’d kick yourself for missing a Spotify presale code simply because the email got filtered to the wrong folder! So scan all your inboxes thoroughly.

7. Follow Presale Code Accounts on Social Media

If you’re having trouble tracking down presale codes on your own, follow Twitter accounts like @PresalePassword that share passwords publicly.

Music blogs like Brooklyn Vegan also regularly publish presale codes when they get hold of them.

Using these accounts as a backup source can help you get your hands on coveted presale ticket codes you might’ve otherwise missed.

Follow Presale Code Accounts on Social Media

8. Enlist Your Friends’ Help

Don’t go searching solo – get friends to help scout out presale codes too.

The more eyes you have looking for exclusive Spotify presale offers leading up to on-sales, the better chance you have of scoring that code.

Leverage your music-loving friends who may get different artist updates than you do. Then you can share codes and both have access!

9. Persist and Don’t Get Discouraged

Scoring tickets through Spotify presales requires diligence and persistence. You may not always be successful, but don’t let that discourage you.

Not every presale code ends up working out. But the more you learn the ropes and follow a savvy process, the better results you’ll see.

Stay vigilant for presale opportunities and be ready to pounce when they arise. Over time, you’ll land some major concert ticket wins.

So get excited when you see those Spotify Premium notifications about artist presales pop up! Just follow these steps and you’ll be well on your way to early ticket access.

FAQ About Spotify Presales

Here are answers to some frequently asked questions about getting Spotify presale codes:

How early do Spotify presales start?

Most Spotify presales begin 2-3 days before the general public on-sale. Some start-ups to a week early for Spotify users.

Do I have to pay for Spotify to get presale codes?

Yes, you need a paid Premium Spotify account to access presales. The free version does not include artist offers or notifications.

Where do I enter my Spotify presale code?

Presale codes are entered during checkout on the concert ticketing website like Ticketmaster. There is typically a promo code box where you paste in your unique code.

How many tickets can I buy with a Spotify presale code?

It varies, but usually Spotify presales have a 4-8 ticket limit per code. You can sometimes use the code multiple times for separate purchases.

Can I share my Spotify presale code?

Unfortunately, no. The presale codes are exclusively tied to individual Spotify accounts and cannot be shared or transferred.


Getting access to exclusive Spotify presale codes can be a game-changer for scoring coveted concert tickets. By following tips like enabling notifications, tracking presale announcements, having your ticket accounts ready, and persisting through the process, you can vastly improve your chances.

While it does require some effort and diligence, the rewards of presale ticket access are well worth it. Use Spotify as a tool to get a leg up on the competition and start locking down those early bird tickets. With the right strategy, you’ll be tapped into presales in no time. Happy concert going!

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