How to Get Spotify Daylist? A Detailed Guide

Spotify’s personalized playlists are one of the best features of the streaming service. Your Discover Weekly, Daily Mixes, and other algorithmic playlists help you find new music you’ll love based on your listening habits. But one playlist on Spotify that you have to opt-in for is your Spotify Daylist.

What Is a Spotify Daylist?

A Spotify Daylist is a daily playlist filled with music recommendations picked just for you. It updates every day with about 30-40 tracks that Spotify thinks you’ll enjoy listening to that day.

Some key things to know about Spotify Daylists:

  • They are only available on mobile devices, not desktop
  • You have to opt-in to get a Daylist
  • Your Daylist is unique and tailored specifically to your musical tastes each day

Your Spotify Daylist aims to soundtrack your day by providing a diverse yet cohesive playlist. The tracks should all fit a certain vibe or complement one another as you listen throughout the day.

Why You Should Use Your Spotify Daylist?

Here are some of the key benefits of listening to your personalized Spotify Daylist:

1. Discover New Music

Since your Daylist updates daily, it’s a great way to discover music you may not have heard before. The tracks will be picked based on your preferences so they should match your tastes.

2. Sets the Mood for Your Day

Everyone has different moods and vibes they like for different parts of their day. Your Spotify Daylist aims to match music to moments in your daily routine and activities. So you can have the perfect soundtrack wherever you are.

3. Available Exclusively on Mobile

Daylists are only available on mobile so they are perfect for listening on the go throughout your day when you’re out and about. You’ll always have a personalized playlist ready tailored to each day.

4. Complements Your Other Playlists

Your Daylist won’t replace your favorite playlists, it’s meant to complement them. So you’ll still get recommendations for new tracks and artists you’ll love based on what you already enjoy.

How to Get Spotify Daylist iOS in 2024?

If you want to start listening to a custom Spotify Daylist & made for you hub Spotify each day, here is how to set it up:

1. Update to the Latest Version of the App

First, make sure you have the latest version of Spotify installed on your iPhone or Android mobile device. Open the app store and check for any available updates before proceeding.

2. Tap “Go to Your Daylist”

Open the Spotify app on mobile and tap on the “Go to Your Daylist” card on the Home tab. If you don’t see this, try closing and reopening Spotify.

<div style=”text-align: center;”><img src=”daylist-optin.png” alt=”Spotify Daylist opt-in screen”></div>

This will take you to the Daylist opt-in screen.

3. Toggle it On

On the next screen, toggle on the button next to “Get a made-for-you playlist updated daily with music we think you’ll like” to turn on your Daylist.

4. Pick When to Get It

Next, select when you want your Daylist to update:

  1. In the AM before 12 pm
  2. In the PM after 12 pm

Choose based on when you typically listen to music to make sure new tracks are waiting for Spotify made for you at the right spotify daylist times.

5. Confirm in Profile

Your Spotify Daylist should now be enabled. To confirm, tap on your profile icon in the top right corner and make sure your settings reflect “Daylist – ON.”

Once it’s correctly enabled, you’re ready to start listening to your new daily playlist filled with picks tailored to your tastes!

Get the Most Out of Your Daylist

Here are some tips for getting the most personalized and enjoyable listening experience from your Spotify Daylist:

  • Listen straight through – Don’t just cherry-pick a few songs. Let the whole playlist complement each other as a complete listening session.
  • Save your favorites – When you hear a standout track, like or save it so Spotify knows you enjoy it. This helps tune your recommendations.
  • Refresh when needed – If it’s not hitting the spot, pull down to refresh and get an updated playlist.
  • Fine-tune with thumbs – Thumbs up or down tracks to better reflect your preferences as you go.
  • Share the wealth – Doing #ShareMyDaylist lets friends see what songs soundtrack your day.

Putting your Spotify Daylist into heavy rotation is the best way to enjoy an endless stream of personalized tunes. So you always have the perfect soundtrack waiting for any activity or moment in your day.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do you find the daylist on Spotify?

Daylists first started rolling out in early 2023, so they are still making them available globally. If you don’t have it yet, try updating Spotify and checking again soon.

Can I download my Daylist to listen offline?

Unfortunately no, Daylists are not available for offline listening. Since they update daily based on a variety of factors, you need an internet connection to stream them.

What time exactly does the Spotify Daylist update?

Daylists generally refresh during the timeframe you select – morning or evening. But the exact time can vary a bit from day to day when Spotify generates your latest custom playlist.

Can I reorder or customize my Daylist tracks?

No, since it’s an algorithmic playlist made specifically for you, Spotify doesn’t allow manual editing of Daylists. The tracks are set by Spotify to create a cohesive listening flow.

Why are some of the artists repeated in my Spotify Daylist?

There may be some artists who show up multiple times if Spotify detects strong signals you’ll enjoy several of their tracks that day. But overall Daylists aim to balance discovery and variety each time one regenerates for you.


Spotify Daylists offer an easy way to have a custom daily soundtrack that matches your tastes and current moods. Since they update automatically, you’ll always have a fresh playlist ready full of tracks picked just for you each day.

So if you want both music discovery and a personalized listening experience, make sure to turn on and dig into your Spotify Daylist. The right songs make all the difference, and Daylists deliver a full playlist of tracks to make every activity, moment, and day better.

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