How to Get Rid of the “Good Afternoon Message” on Spotify?

Spotify is one of the most popular music streaming services, with over 456 million active users worldwide. When you open the Spotify app, it often greets you with a personalized “Good morning” or “Good afternoon” message. While some users find this welcoming, others would prefer their Spotify home screen to be message-free.

The good news is – you can easily disable the good afternoon greeting on Spotify if you wish. In this article, we’ll explain why Spotify displays this message, and walk you through the steps to remove the good afternoon pop-up permanently or temporarily.

Who Sees the Good Afternoon Message?

The personalized greeting is only visible to Spotify Free and Spotify Premium individual plan users. Spotify Duo and Family plan holders do not see the good morning/afternoon pop-up message.

For eligible users, Spotify generates the message based on the time of day in your current location. So users in New York may see “Good afternoon” while those in Los Angeles see “Good morning” for the same Spotify session.

Why Does Spotify Display Good Afternoon?

Spotify’s aim with the daily greeting is to provide a more personalized experience and human-like interaction. The good morning/afternoon message reminds users that Spotify isn’t just a faceless music app – there are real people behind it who wish you well!

According to Spotify, the greetings are intended to “bring some humanity and personality to the experience”. Some users appreciate this thoughtful touch, especially when Spotify recommends playlists like “Your Morning Commute” that tie in with the good morning message.

The Ultimate Guide to Removing the “Good Afternoon” Message on Spotify Temporarily

If you find the greeting annoying on some days but not others, you can easily hide it temporarily:

On mobile:

  • Open your Spotify app as normal. When you see the “Good afternoon” message, tap on it.
  • This will hide the message for the rest of your Spotify session. It will reappear when you restart the app.

On desktop:

  • Open Spotify on your computer and click on the “Good afternoon” pop-up.
  • The message will disappear immediately and remain hidden as long as Spotify is open.
getting rid of the good afternoon message

So if you just want an uninterrupted Spotify experience for a while, use these steps to quickly dismiss the good afternoon pop-up temporarily.

How to Permanently Disable the Good Afternoon Message

To get rid of the good morning/afternoon message forever:

On mobile:

  • Go to your Spotify Profile page. You can find this via Settings > View Profile.
  • Scroll down and toggle OFF the “Show me a nice morning welcome” option to get rid of this problem.
  • The setting will update immediately. You’ll stop seeing the daily greeting!

how to disable the Good Afternoon Message

On desktop:

  • Click on the down arrow next to your profile name in the top right.
  • Select Account from the drop-down menu.
  • On the Account page, find the Setting section and uncheck the box next to “Show me a nice morning welcome”
  • Click SAVE. This permanently disables the good morning/afternoon messages.

These steps will make sure the Spotify greetings never bother you again! But you can always re-enable them anytime by toggling the “Show me a nice morning welcome” back on.

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Other Ways to Customize Your Spotify Home Screen

Along with removing the good afternoon pop-up, consider these other ways to tailor Spotify to your tastes:

  • Change the default Canvas image on your home screen.
  • Select which playlists show up in Your Top Podcasts and Shows so you see your favorites first.
  • Turn off Show podcast recommendations in Your Library to remove podcast content entirely.
  • Disable Show new releases to avoid new music notifications.
  • Opt out of Social Listening to control what friends can see you playing.

So don’t settle for a one-size-fits-all Spotify experience. With a few simple settings changes like disabling Good Afternoon, you can customize Spotify exactly how you like.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do I turn off the good morning/afternoon greetings on my iPhone?

Go to Settings > Profile > Toggle off “Show me a nice morning welcome”. This will permanently disable the greetings on your iPhone’s Spotify app.

Where is the setting to disable Good Afternoon on Spotify desktop?

Click the down arrow next to your profile name > Account > Uncheck “Show me a nice morning welcome” in Settings.

Do Spotify Duo or Family plans to see the good morning/afternoon message?

No, only Spotify Free and Premium personal plan holders will see the daily greetings. Duo and Family account holders do not receive the good morning/afternoon pop-ups.

Why does Spotify think it’s afternoon when it’s still morning for me?

The greetings are based on the time of day in your current location. So users in earlier time zones will see “Good afternoon” for the same real-world time that users in later time zones see “Good morning”.

I dismissed the message but it’s back when I reopened Spotify. How do I get rid of it permanently?

Temporarily dismissing the message only hides it for that Spotify session. To stop the greetings for good, toggle off “Show me a nice morning welcome” in your account settings.

Can I customize Spotify’s good morning/afternoon pop-ups?

Unfortunately no – the only options are to have the messages on or off. You can’t change the wording or customize them.

Will turning off the greetings also disable Spotify’s personalized playlists like Your Morning Commute?

No, you’ll still get personalized playlist recommendations even with the good morning/afternoon messages disabled.


Although Spotify intends its daily greetings to be welcoming, not all users are fans of the good morning and good afternoon pop-ups. With the steps in this article, you can easily dismiss the Spotify greeting temporarily or permanently by toggling off “Show me a nice morning welcome”.

Customizing when and how often you see the message gives you greater control over your Spotify homepage. Just be aware the setting is only available to Free and Premium individual plan holders.

So go ahead – enjoy Spotify your way by minimizing distractions and highlighting your favorite features. Turn off a good afternoon for an uninterrupted music experience or keep the messages on for that friendly human touch.

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