How to Enable Beta Features on Spotify? [3 Easy Steps]

Spotify is one of the most popular music streaming services, offering access to millions of songs and podcasts. As with many apps, Spotify is continually testing new features with select groups of users before rolling them out more widely.

If you’d like early access to new Spotify features before your friends, you can sign up for the Spotify Beta Program.

What Are Beta Features?

Beta features are new tools, designs, or capabilities that Spotify is testing with a smaller set of users before launching to all Spotify members. Getting beta access allows you to try out these fresh features and provide feedback directly to Spotify’s product team.

Some examples of past Spotify beta capabilities include:

  • New personalized playlists like Discover Weekly and Release Radar
  • Lyrics view for songs
  • Redesigned app interfaces
  • New listening recommendations and controls

Accessing betas allows you to shape Spotify by sharing your input on what works well or needs improvement. And you get to try out the latest innovations before everyone else!

What Are Beta Features

How the Spotify Beta 2024 Program Works?

Spotify manages early feature testing through its Spotify Beta Program. As a beta tester, you’ll download a separate app called Spotify Beta to enroll your device for previewing unreleased additions.

The Beta version runs independently from the main Spotify app you already use. Any playlists, favorites, and settings from your public Spotify app do not carry over to the Beta variant. However, you can still search and access any music or podcasts from Spotify’s full catalog while testing new interfaces and capabilities.

Once you have the Beta app installed, Spotify will push out updates with experimental features enabled for you to try. You can use these betas in your daily listening while providing feedback to Spotify through surveys or reports on any issues. Features that perform well during beta testing are likely to reach general availability in Spotify’s public app updates.

Joining the Spotify Beta Program

Want to get a sneak peek at what Spotify is building next? Here are the steps to enroll as a beta tester:

Step 1: Check Beta Availability for Your Device

The Spotify Beta Program is currently limited to Android mobile devices and tablets. iPhones, iPads, desktop apps, web players, TV platforms, gaming consoles, speakers, and other devices are not supported at this time.

Before going any further, check that you have an eligible Android phone or tablet. Unfortunately, Spotify does not disclose which devices are able to join its beta testing groups. If access remains closed after requesting admission (step 3), your gadget is likely not on the approved list.

Step 2: Back Up Your Spotify Data

As mentioned above, your music favorites, playlists, and settings do not transfer between the standard Spotify app and Spotify Beta. Before você can perder todo o progresso na versão beta.

To avoid losing any data, be sure to back up your existing Spotify profile before proceeding. There are several choices available for you to select from:

  1. Export Your Playlists and Favorites: From your desktop app, navigate to File > Export Playlists to save playlist files onto your computer. You can also export liked songs via File > Export Liked Songs.
  2. Enable Spotify Social Listening: Spotify Social Listening allows your friends to contribute music to your playlists. Turning on this feature creates continuous backups of your playlists that remain accessible even if a given playlist is deleted.
  3. Sync With Your Spotify Account: Any playlists and favorites you save will automatically sync across devices logged into your Spotify account. If you lose data in the beta app, switching back to a public version on another phone or tablet will restore items via the cloud.

With backups enabled via one or more methods above, você can experiment freely in the beta without worrying about permanent data loss.

Step 3: Request Access to Join Spotify Beta

Ready to preview new Spotify features before anyone else? Request beta access by following these steps:

  1. Launch the Google Play Store application on your Android gadget. Search for “Spotify Beta.” This is a separate listing from the main Spotify app.
  2. Tap Join beta to submit your request.
  3. If prompted, agree to become a tester. This allows Spotify to send beta app updates to votre devices.
  4. Wait for Spotify to approve the Votre device for getting beta updates. This can take a few days or weeks depending on testing capacity.

Request Access to Join Spotify Beta

Once accepted, você will receive the Spotify app download. With the app installed, stay alert for updates with new features enabled!

Provide Feedback and Report Issues

As an early beta tester, Spotify relies on você to share candid input on the unfinished features você encounters. After using new beta capabilities for a few hours or days, the app will prompt você to take a user experience survey.

Questions will ask what Vous liked, what was confusing, what was missing, and suggestions to improve. Honest survey responses are critical for steering Spotify’s development in helpful directions before the public launch.

You should also proactively report any bugs or problems through Spotify’s Beta Community. Detail the steps that led to errors and expected vs. actual outcomes. Screenshots are super helpful for engineers diagnosing issues. The more details você provides, the quicker fixes can happen before public release.

By participating actively, você’ll help Spotify shape its app into an even more useful and enjoyable service over time.

Return to the Main Spotify App

As betas conclude and new features graduate to full launch, você may wish to return to your public Spotify app. All votre previously backed up playlists, favorites, and settings will sync back automatically.

Here’s how to easily switch back without losing votre jams:

  1. Open the votre device’s app manager.
  2. Uninstall Spotify Beta.
  3. Redownload the main Spotify app from the Play Store.
  4. Log into Spotify with your account credentials.

After signing back in, give it a few minutes for Spotify Cloud to restore votre profile content. Você can pick up where você left off enjoying música and podcasts as before!

Return to the Main Spotify App


The Spotify Beta Program offers a rewarding way to evaluate upcoming enhancements early while shaping the final products you’ll use daily. With Futuro features like personalized playlists and streaming quality upgrades likely in the pipeline, it’s an exciting time to join the beta testing efforts.

Just prenda care backing up votre data, provide helpful feedback along the way, and have fun exploring new innovations before the rest of the Spotify community! As a beta pioneer, você’ll earn bragging rights while making Spotify even better for millions of listeners worldwide.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are some examples of past Spotify beta features?

Past beta capabilities included Release Radar and Discover Weekly personalized playlists, new UI designs prior to public launch, lyrics view, and early access to listening recommendations/controls that later reached widespread availability.

Can I use Spotify Beta on an iPhone?

Unfortunately Spotify Beta is only available on Android phones and tablets at this time. iOS/Apple devices are currently unable to participate.

What happens if I delete one of my playlists in Spotify Beta?

As long as Vous enabled backups like Spotify Social Sharing, playlists deleted in the beta app will be restored from the cloud after switching back to the public Spotify release.

Where do I report issues or bugs I find while beta testing?

You can report problems via Spotify’s Beta Community portal. Detail the steps leading to errors and include screenshots if helpful for diagnosis. Thorough details help Spotify engineers address issues faster.

Will all features I test in beta reach the final public version of Spotify?

No, some beta capabilities will remain experimental or get scrapped entirely based on user testing feedback. Your survey responses help Spotify understand what to polish further vs. what misses the mark for customers.

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