How to Connect Spotify to Sonos? (4 Options)

Listening to music on Sonos speakers is a great way to fill your home with high-quality audio. The streaming flexibility of Sonos allows you to access various music services, with Spotify being one of the most popular options. Connecting your Spotify account to Sonos only takes a few minutes.

Why Connect Spotify to Sonos? (4 Benefits)

Why Connect Spotify to Sonos

Connecting Spotify to your Sonos system unlocks a world of streaming music. Below are a few key advantages:

1. Access to Extensive Music Library

Spotify grants you instant access to a library with over 82 million tracks and 3.6 million podcasts. You’ll have no shortage of audio content to play on your Sonos speakers.

2. Personalized Recommendations

Spotify’s algorithms get to know your tastes. It will suggest playlists, radio stations, new releases, and other content matched to your preferences.

3. Spotify Connect for Direct Streaming

Spotify Connect allows the Spotify app to directly control audio streaming on Sonos, rather than having to go through your phone. This gives you uninterrupted listening.

4. Group Session for Shared Listening

The Spotify app’s Group Session feature lets you and other Spotify users jointly control music playback on Sonos. Perfect for parties!

Connecting the two services enables these key benefits and improves your whole-home listening experience.

How to Connect Spotify to Your Sonos System?

You have a couple of different options for linking Spotify with Sonos. Choose the method that fits best:

Option 1: During Sonos App Setup

When you complete the initial setup for the Sonos app, it will ask if you want to add any music services. This is the most direct way to connect to Spotify.

Sonos App Setup

Simply tap on the Spotify icon when prompted to log into your account. The app will automatically link Spotify across your Sonos system.

Option 2: In the Sonos App Settings

using Sonos App Settings

If you already configured your Sonos system and want to add Spotify, use this approach instead:

  • Open the Sonos app and select “Settings” in the bottom right.
  • Choose “Services” and tap on “Add a Service.”
  • Locate and select the Spotify logo.
  • Please provide your Spotify username and password to link to your account.

Once connected through either method, Spotify will be available as a music source across all your Sonos devices.

Option 3: Playing Spotify Music on Sonos

With Spotify linked to your Sonos system, you can start playing audio content using several approaches.

  1. Browse and Play in the Sonos App
  2. The Sonos app grants you access to browse all of Spotify’s library.
  3. Open the “Music & Content” tab in the Sonos app.
  4. Select “Spotify” from the list.
  5. You can then browse featured playlists, stations, albums, artists, and podcasts.

Playing Spotify Music on Sonos

When you find something to play, tap on it to send the audio stream to your chosen Sonos speakers or room group.

Option 4: Use Spotify Connect

The Spotify app also lets you take control of what’s playing on Sonos:

  • While a Sonos speaker is playing, open the Spotify app on your phone, tablet, or laptop.
  • Use Spotify as normal and select something to play.
  • Tap on the “Devices Available” icon in the bottom left (looks like a monitor speaker).
  • Pick your Sonos speaker or room grouping.

Using Spotify Connect

Spotify Connect will then directly handle streaming the audio to Sonos, giving you full playback control via the Spotify app.

Sonos-Spotify Tips and Tricks

Keep these tips in mind to maximize the experience of using Spotify on a Sonos system:

Use Sonos room groups to stream different Spotify content to different sets of speakers at the same time. Great for whole-home or multi-zone listening!

  1. Add songs, albums, or playlists to Your Library or Playlists sections in Spotify to easily find them later for playback through Sonos.
  2. Tuning into Spotify’s pre-programmed stations matched to activities, moods, and genres offers an endless music source.
  3. You can blend Spotify seamlessly with other streaming music services or local storage attached to Sonos.
  4. Set up Sonos and Spotify voice controls through Alexa or Google Assistant for hands-free listening via voice commands.
  5. Refer to the Spotify Support guide for Sonos to troubleshoot connectivity or streaming problems between the services.

The integration between Spotify and Sonos delivers everything needed for an unlimited, personalizable music experience throughout any size home.

FAQs About Connecting Spotify to Sonos

Can you use Spotify Free with Sonos?

Yes! Both Spotify Free and Spotify Premium accounts work fine with Sonos. But only Premium has unlimited skips and offline playback abilities.

Does Spotify on Sonos have ads?

Subscribing to Spotify Premium gives you an ad-free listening experience through Sonos. The Spotify Free tier will trigger occasional audio ads when played through your Sonos system.

Can multiple people stream different Spotify music on Sonos?

Absolutely. Thanks to Sonos’s independent audio channel architecture, you can group different sets of Sonos speakers to stream unique Spotify content simultaneously in multiple rooms or zones.

How do I get better sound quality from Spotify on Sonos?

In the Spotify app, navigate to Settings > Audio Quality and choose the “Very High” quality streaming tier to maximize audio resolution. Sonos will render the highest fidelity streams that Spotify can provide.

Why won’t Spotify play on my Sonos?

Make sure both the Sonos system and Spotify app have an internet connection. Check if Spotify needs updating. Try force-closing both apps and restarting.

Relink Spotify through the Sonos app music services settings. Refer to the Sonos and Spotify troubleshooting documentation for more help diagnosing connection issues.


Connecting Spotify to your Sonos audio system is quick and simple using either the initial Sonos setup or the settings menu in the Sonos app. Once linked, you can seamlessly access Spotify’s vast music and podcast catalogs to play across your Sonos speakers. Controlling playback directly through Spotify via Connect takes the experience to another level.

With shared listening abilities, offline playlists, and high-quality streaming all supported, you unlock the full potential of Spotify through a whole-home Sonos system. Bring your Spotify account into the Sonos fold to mix personalized playlists into a smart home audio environment for all your listening needs.

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