How to Change Your Spotify Artist Name? [4 Easy Steps]

Spotify has become one of the most popular music streaming platforms, with over 551 million monthly active users. As an artist, having your music on Spotify is crucial for reaching new listeners.

However, you may want to change your Spotify artist name for various reasons. Fortunately, it is possible to edit your artist name on both desktop and mobile.

Why You Might Want to Change Your Spotify Artist Name? [4 Reasons]

There are a few key reasons why you may want to update your artist name on Spotify:

1. You’ve Rebranded Yourself or Your Band

If you decide to rebrand yourself or your band with a new name, you’ll want your Spotify artist profile to reflect that. Changing your Spotify name will help fans find you more easily after a rebrand.

2. Your Current Name is Difficult to Find

If your artist name is difficult to search or spell, it can be harder for fans to locate you. Choosing an artist name that’s easier to find can help you gain more listeners.

3. You Want Your Name to Stand Out

With over 11 million artists on Spotify, you want your name to stand out from the crowd. Updating to a unique, memorable moniker can help draw more eyes to your profile.

4. You Made a Typo in Your Original Name

Oops! Typos can happen when hastily setting up a new profile. If your name contains any errors you probably want to fix it.

No matter the reason, Spotify makes it simple to change your artist name. Next, we will explore the process of accomplishing this.

How to Change Your Spotify Artist Name on Desktop?

How to Change Your Spotify Artist Name on Desktop

Changing your artist name via desktop is a straightforward process. Just follow these steps:

Step 1: Log Into Spotify For Artists

Head to the Spotify for Artists website and log into your artist account. Before proceeding, you must establish an account if you do not already have one.

Step 2: Access Profile Settings

Click your artist profile icon in the top right corner, then select “Profile” from the dropdown menu.

Step 3: Edit Your Profile

Under your artist profile name and picture, you will see a blue “Edit profile” button. Click this button.

Step 4: Update Artist Name

This will open your artist profile settings window. In the first text box labeled “Artist name,” enter your new artist name exactly how you want it to appear.

Step 5: Save Changes

Don’t forget this final crucial step! Click “Save changes” at the bottom of the window to officially update your Spotify artist name.

And you’re all done! After following these steps, your updated artist name should now display across Spotify. Keep reading for instructions on changing your name in the mobile app.

How to Update Your Artist Name on Mobile?

How to Change Your Spotify Artist Name on mobile

Want to update your Spotify artist name on the go? Changing it via the mobile app only takes a minute.

Here is how to edit your artist name in the Spotify for Artists mobile app:

Step 1: Access Profile

Open up the Spotify for Artists app on your mobile device and tap on your artist profile icon in the top left corner.

Step 2: Go to Profile Settings

Tap the gear icon in the top right corner to access your profile settings.

Step 3: Update Name

Tap the current name displayed at the top of your profile. Enter your new name in the “Artist” text field.

Step 4: Save It!

Hit “Save” to confirm your new artist name. Don’t forget this vital last step!

After hitting save, you can see your updated name now displayed on your profile. Easy peasy!

When Will Your New Name Appear?

Once you successfully save your new artist name on desktop or mobile, when will the change go live across Spotify? Typically it takes:

  • 1 hour for your new name to update across your artist profile
  • Up to 1 day for it to refresh across all Spotify playlists, albums, and podcasts
  • 3-4 weeks before appearing on recently streamed listening reports

So be patient! It can take a bit of time before the change fully rolls out everywhere on Spotify.

Now discover what happens behind the scenes when you change your artist name…

What Happens When You Change Your Spotify Artist Name?

When you decide to change your artist or podcast name on Spotify is simple as the to change your spotify profile picture, this triggers a lot of updates behind the scenes. Here is what happens:

Spotify Updates Its Catalog

First, Spotify needs to update your new name in its giant catalog of over 80 million tracks and 4 million podcast titles. This connects your music and podcast content to your updated artist profile.

Your Profile Gets a Fresh Name

Your artist or podcast profile display name also gets updated to your new branding. This is the most visual change listeners will see.

Listening to Data Migrates Over

If fans have previously listened to your music or podcast under your old name, that listening data eventually ports over to your new artist profile. So your stats and analytics stay intact.

URLs Redirect to New Profile

Spotify also implements redirects from any old artist or podcast profile URLs to your new profile URL. This way, existing bookmarks listeners have will correctly reroute.

As you can see, changing your artist name requires an extensive series of background updates! But listeners will appreciate having your newest brand evolution consistently displayed.

Should You Keep Your Spotify URL the Same?

When going through the artist name change process on Spotify, you may wonder: Should I change my Spotify URL too for consistency?

We actually recommend you keep your profile URL the same during a name change, since:

  1. URLs are harder to update everywhere like metadata changes
  2. You’ll lose existing profile URL bookmarks that fans saved
  3. You risk losing listeners attempting to navigate to your old URL

Luckily, even after changing your Spotify artist or podcast name, your original profile URL remains intact for your convenience.

Now that you’re ready to upgrade to a new moniker, check out these last helpful tips…

Pro Tips For Updating Your Spotify Artist Name

As you prepare to hit “save changes” and update your artist name across Spotify, keep these pro tips in mind:

  • Check URL Availability – Test if your desired new name is available as a Spotify artist URL before attempting to change. This ensures no one else has that name.
  • Refresh often – Be patient and give your new name up to 24 hours to fully update Spotify after changing. Refresh and check frequently!
  • Spread the word – Promote your updated artist name on all social channels, email lists, and anywhere else you have an audience to notify fans.
  • Update links – Update your new Spotify artist link on various platforms like Linktree, website bios, YouTube descriptions, etc.
  • Enjoy the refresh – Breathe new life into your music, podcast, or brand with an updated name Spotify listeners will love.

Stay tuned for more tips on managing all aspects of your Spotify artist profile!


As we explored, Spotify provides a simple artist name change process that can be completed in just minutes. With a few profile setting tweaks and saved changes on desktop or mobile, you can seamlessly introduce new branding.

Just keep in mind behind the scenes updates can take up to 3-4 weeks to fully roll out across the platform after editing your name.

Next time listener confusion sets in from a complex name or you’re prepared to rebrand, know that refreshing your Spotify artist or podcast moniker is totally doable. So have fun, get creative, and don’t be afraid to reinvent yourself on Spotify!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Do I need to change my artist name everywhere if I edit it on Spotify?

Nope! Just changing your Spotify artist name is enough for now. Over the following weeks it will automatically refresh across the platform.

Can I undo my artist name change or revert back?

Unfortunately no – once you hit save, profile name changes on Spotify are permanent and can’t be undone. So enter that new name carefully!

Does my Spotify URL change automatically if I edit my artist name?

No, your custom Spotify artist or podcast URL does not change when you update your name. This allows you to retain your original web address.

Do my past streams and listeners carry over after an artist name change?

Yes! Your historical analytics like stream counts will migrate over to your updated artist profile after several weeks.

Can anyone change an artist name or claim a profile on Spotify?

No, only verified, official artist account owners can update Spotify artist names from their claimed profiles. This prevents unauthorized name changes.

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