How to Beat Trace on Cool Math Games?

Trace is one of the most popular games on Cool Math Games. In this maze-like game, you control a red dot and have to navigate through each level while avoiding the green enemies that chase after you. Beating the levels in Trace requires quick reflexes and some strategy.

If you’re struggling to get through all the levels, follow these tips to improve your skills and beat Trace.

Understand How the Enemies Move

The key to success in Trace on Cool Math Games is understanding how the green enemy dots move and finding patterns in their behavior. At the start of each level, take a few seconds to watch the enemies move around before you begin. Their movements are not completely random – they follow set paths along the grid of the maze.

Some enemies bounce back and forth horizontally or vertically in straight lines. Others take 90 degree turns at regular intervals. Look for the patterns and use them to your advantage later.

Understand How the Enemies Move

Memorize the Maze Layout

Another important part of beating Trace on Cool Math Games levels is memorizing the layout of each maze. Spend some time at the start studying the paths and dead ends. Note any areas that have gaps you can trick the enemies into going down.

Planning your route through the maze will help you avoid getting trapped. Make mental notes of paths you can take if you need to escape from enemies in yandex games. With the maze layout memorized, you can focus on dodging the enemies as you navigate the level.

Use Quick Reflexes and Smart Movement

Once you start moving, you’ll need quick reflexes to dodge the chasing enemies. But you also can’t simply rush through the maze randomly. Use short bursts of fast movement combined with slower, strategic movement.

When an enemy gets near, make a quick dash in the opposite direction down a clear path. Stop once you have some space again. Then slowly and deliberately plan your next steps. Repeating this process allows you to safely traverse the maze. Don’t get overeager and rush into a dead end.

Avoid Trapping Yourself

One common mistake in the Classroom 6x game Trace is accidentally trapping yourself in a corner or dead end. When escaping from enemies, always leave yourself an open path to keep moving. Otherwise, you may get pinned down with no way to dodge, and quickly lose a life.

Before moving into an area, check that there are two possible exits. That way if enemies approach from one side, you have an escape route. Proper positioning prevents you from sabotaging yourself.

Trace on Cool Math Games

Use Gaps to Lose Enemies

When studying the maze layout, look for gaps where you can drop down one level while the enemies continue forward. Moving vertically in this way allows you to safely get some distance from any chasers.

Pay attention to the size of gaps as you approach them. Make sure it is large enough for your red dot to fit through but not the enemies. Then time your drop to quickly lose the green dots. Using the gaps strategically will make tricky mazes much more manageable.

Cut Corners Close

Sharp turns and corners are among the most dangerous areas of the maze. When turning a corner, your visibility is limited, and you risk running right into an enemy. Always slow down and approach corners cautiously.

Creep forward and cut the corner as tightly as possible to maximize your view around the bend. Make the turn wide, and you may come face to face with a green dot. Peeking the corner first lets you spot threats and quickly change direction.

Weave Between Enemies

At times you will find yourself boxed in by multiple enemies approaching from different sides. Instead of panicking, look for small openings to weave between them. With quick precise movements, you can squeeze through without taking damage.

Lead enemies toward each other, which opens up space behind them to move into. With practice, you can do quick zig-zag motions through swarms of enemies. Dashing between threats unscathed will get you out of many jams.

Grab Power Ups

Various power ups appear throughout the levels which provide useful abilities. The magnet attracts all nearby enemies toward it, clearing space for you to move freely. The freeze power up temporarily immobilizes all enemies on screen.

The shield power up grants you temporary invincibility, allowing you to dash through enemies without dying. And the extra life power up comes in handy when you need more chances to complete a difficult level. Make acquiring power ups a priority to make the levels much easier.

Finish Levels Quickly for Bonuses

Each level has a target completion time, which gets shorter in later stages. If you manage to finish a level faster than the target time, you are rewarded with a star bonus. This adds more seconds to the countdown timer before it reaches zero and you lose a life.

Rushing recklessly will likely get you killed. But making smart, quick movements will allow you to beat levels faster while still avoiding enemies. Meeting level time bonuses will give you the advantage you need in close calls.

Take Breaks to Reset

Trace requires intense focus and repetitive quick movements. After playing several levels in a row, you may start to feel fatigued. Your reactions will slow down, making it much harder to dodge enemies.

When you feel yourself struggling due to mental tiredness, take a short break away from the Cool Math Games. Stand up, stretch, relax your eyes, and clear your mind. Then come back recharged and refocused. Staying mentally fresh is key for maintaining quick reflexes.

Learn From Your Mistakes

Dying in Trace isn’t completely punitive. Each failure provides a learning experience on what to avoid doing next time. When you lose a life, reflect on what went wrong and how you can improve.

Did you trap yourself by not leaving an escape route? Were you not cautious enough to approach a corner? Learn from these missteps, then put your new knowledge to use on your next attempt. With each failure, you’ll refine your strategy and get better at Trace.


Beating Trace requires a mix of memorization, quick reflexes, smart positioning, and pattern recognition. Learn enemy movements, plan maze routes, grab power-ups, avoid traps, and dash between enemies. With practice, you’ll be breezing through even the most diabolical Trace levels.

Use these tips to push your skills to the limit and get a high score! Trace can be frustrating but don’t get discouraged. Keep refining your technique and outsmarting the enemies, and you will eventually prevail.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the best strategy for the beginning of each level?

Take a few seconds at the start to observe how the enemies move before beginning. Look for movement patterns you can exploit later. Also, memorize the layout of the maze so you can plan your path.

What should you do if you get trapped in a corner?

Try to always leave yourself two possible escape routes. If you do get trapped, quickly change direction and dash along any small openings in the enemies’ formations.

How can you lose enemies that are chasing you?

Lead enemies toward gaps in the floor that you can drop down but they can’t follow. This will create distance between you and any pursuers.

Why should you cut corners slowly and tightly?

Approaching corners cautiously maintains visibility so you can quickly react to enemies coming from around the bend. Don’t cut corners wide.

What power ups should you prioritize getting?

The shield, freeze, and magnet power ups are the most useful for dodging enemies. Also, grab extra life power ups when possible.