How To Access Spotify Wrapped In 2024?

Spotify Wrapped has become one of the most anticipated features for Spotify users over the past few years. This personalized musical journey allows users to see just how much they listened to Spotify over the previous year. From total minutes listened to top artists, songs, genres, and podcasts, Spotify Wrapped offers a comprehensive recap of your yearly listening habits.

If you’re eager to unwrap your musical year, here’s everything you need to know about accessing Spotify Wrapped.

How Spotify Wrapped Works

Before diving into how to access your personalized Spotify Wrapped, let’s look at what exactly Spotify Wrapped is and how it works.

How Spotify Wrapped Works

In simple terms, Spotify Wrapped represents brilliant marketing. The company analyzes the top artists, genres, and songs of each user and condenses the information into visually appealing cards that are widely shared on social media for easy viewing.

This includes data like:

  1. Total minutes listened
  2. Top artists
  3. Top songs
  4. Top genres
  5. Top podcasts
  6. Top playlists
  7. New artists discovered

Spotify collects all of this data throughout the year. Then in the last of November, they crunch the numbers and turn it into a visually engaging, personalized story called Spotify Wrapped.

This story compiles all your key listening stats into a fun, easily digestible format. It uses bold graphics and animations to bring your yearly music journey to life. Spotify Wrapped tells the unique tale of your listening habits over the past 365 days.

How To Access Spotify Wrapped In 2024? [5 Easy Ways]

Once Spotify Wrapped is ready, there are a few different ways to access your personalized musical recap. Here are all the ways you can unwrap your yearly listening story:

1. Wrapped Hub on Spotify

The easiest way to view Spotify Wrapped is right within the Spotify app. You need to Open the Spotify app and tap the Wrapped bubble. At the end of November, Spotify launched a Wrapped hub showcasing all the different versions of Spotify Wrapped available that year.

To access the Wrapped hub on Spotify:

  • Make sure you have the latest version of Spotify.
  • Open the Spotify app.
  • Scroll down on the Home tab until you see the Wrapped hub. It will say “Your 2024 Wrapped” or “Wrapped” and have a gift box icon.

Tapping on the Wrapped hub gives you access to your full personalized Wrapped story along with any other Wrapped content like playlists, quizzes, and artist messages. This is the best place to view and engage with your full Spotify Wrapped experience.

2. Your Top Songs Playlist

Along with the full Wrapped hub, Spotify will also generate a customized playlist of your top songs from the year. This playlist showcases the tracks you listened to most over the previous year.

To find it:

  • Open Spotify and go to Your Library.
  • Under Playlists, you’ll see “Your Top Songs 2024” or a similar title based on the year.

Tapping on it will open the playlist and let you scroll through your top tracks of the year. Playing it shuffles all your top songs into one neat playlist.

3. Your Artist Messages

If any of your top artists recorded a custom message for Spotify Wrapped, you can find these in Your Library as well.

To access them:

  • Open Your Library on Spotify.
  • Go to the Made For You hub.
  • You will come across a collection of songs titled Your Artist Messages 2024 or a comparable name.

Opening this gives you quick access to any special Wrapped messages from the artists you listened to most over the past year.

4. Spotify Social Media

For a preview of Spotify Wrapped, check out Spotify’s official social media accounts like Facebook, Instagram stories, and Twitter. In the last of November, they begin unveiling some of the global Wrapped trends and findings.

While this doesn’t show your personal Wrapped, it offers a sneak peek at what artists, songs, and podcasts topped the charts in Spotify’s global Wrapped.

5. Website or App Notifications

Keep an eye out for notifications from the Spotify website and app as well. Once Wrapped is ready, Spotify may send out alert emails or push notifications to let users know.

Tapping these notifications will redirect you right to the new Wrapped hub so you can start unwrapping. Turning on notifications in the app ensures you don’t miss the alert.

When Is Spotify Wrapped Available?

Now that you know how to access Spotify Wrapped across the platform, let’s talk about when you can access it. Spotify Wrapped debuts in early 8 a.m. ET Wednesday, Nov. 29, centering around the last week of the month.

Here’s a breakdown of when Spotify Wrapped is typically available:

  1. Last of November, Spotify began teasing Wrapped with social media posts and global listening trends.
  2. Last Week of November: Spotify Wrapped hubs and playlists become available on the platform for users to access their personalized stories and top songs.
  3. Rest of December: Users can continue exploring Wrapped content and sharing cards on social media.
  4. January: Access to the Wrapped hub ends but you can still view your Top Songs playlist.

The full Wrapped experience is usually available for about one month. Spotify promotes it heavily at the end of November, especially on social media, to capture that excitement around unwrapping your yearly listening stats.

Some users may get access to Wrapped slightly earlier or later than others. Spotify rolls it out gradually to users worldwide.

If you don’t see it right away in the Last Week of November, keep checking back. The Wrapped hub should appear within the first two weeks of the month.

What Are The Requirements to Get Spotify Wrapped?

Since Spotify Wrapped summarizes your full year of listening data, you need to meet certain requirements to get your personalized Wrapped. The main requirement is that users must be subscribed to Spotify and the the essential requirements are listed below:

  1. Listen to Spotify consistently – You need to actively listen to music and podcasts on Spotify throughout the previous year to have enough data. Listening across multiple devices helps give more comprehensive data.
  2. Update to the latest version – Make sure to update the Spotify app to the newest version so you can access all the latest Wrapped features.
  3. Use a Premium account – Free Spotify users can view some Wrapped content but Premium accounts get the full, enhanced experience.
  4. Don’t privacy restrict your data – If you restrict Spotify from accessing listening data in your account settings, you won’t be able to get a full Wrapped story.

As long as you meet these requirements, you should be able to access a personalized Spotify Wrapped experience each year. Consistent listening throughout the year provides the data needed to generate your Wrapped.

Troubleshooting Spotify Wrapped Issues

In some cases, you may run into issues accessing your Spotify Wrapped or certain features may be missing. Below are a few typical issues along with their respective solutions:

  • Problem: Can’t find the Wrapped hub on the mobile or desktop app.
  • Solution: Update the Spotify app, restart it, and check again in a few hours. Wrapped doesn’t appear instantly for everyone.
  1. Problem: Wrapped content is missing like stories, quizzes or artist messages.
  2. Solution: Make sure you’re using the latest version of Spotify. Restarting the app can also help surface missing content.
  • Problem: You only see top lists, no main story.
  • Solution: This likely means you listened inconsistently throughout the year. Listen regularly on Spotify to get your full-wrapped story next time.
  1. Problem: Tracks or artists are missing from your Wrapped lists.
  2. Solution: Listen to Spotify more consistently across devices to ensure full data is captured. Private listening sessions won’t be included.
  • Problem: Can’t find your Wrapped playlist.
  • Solution: Open Spotify and check Your Library > Playlists. It may take a few days to generate your top songs playlist.

If issues persist, you can reach out to Spotify customer support for help accessing your Wrapped.

How to Share Spotify Wrapped?

Once you’ve accessed your Spotify Wrapped, it’s fun to share it! the quick is that send a link to your results directly from the Spotify app. Here are some other ways to share your Wrapped with friends and followers:

  • Post stories on social media – Take screenshots of your Wrapped highlights and post them on platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and TikTok using #SpotifyWrapped.
  • Share your top songs or artists – Let people know your most listened-to tracks or artists by sharing them online or sending them directly to music-loving friends.
  • Send Wrapped cards – Tap the “Share this story” button in your Wrapped hub to send custom-designed Wrapped cards via text, email, social media, and more.
  • Discuss with friends – Compare your Wrapped with friends and see how your listening habits differed and aligned. What were your shared favorite albums or tracks?

Sharing Spotify Wrapped helps spread musical joy and gives your friends insights into what you enjoyed listening to all year long. With so many creative ways to share, your personalized Wrapped story can reach lots of people.

Make Next Year’s Spotify Wrapped Even Better

Once you’ve finished exploring your 2023 Spotify Wrapped, you can start thinking about how to make next year’s even better.

Here are six tips to maximize your 2024 Wrapped:

  1. Listen to Spotify daily across multiple devices. Consistent listening gives more data.
  2. Follow new artists and podcasts you discover throughout the year. Expand your horizons.
  3. Use playlists to capture your favorite music by mood, activity, or genre. Check them out in next year’s Wrapped.
  4. Save albums or songs you love in Your Library. It helps surface more listening patterns.
  5. Check Spotify each November for your Wrapped. Access it across mobile, desktop, and social platforms.
  6. Turn on Spotify notifications so you get an alert when Wrapped 2023 is ready.

With an entire year ahead, you have plenty of time to evolve your listening habits on Spotify. See if you can double your listening time or top artists by next Wrapped!

5 FAQs About Spotify Wrapped

Still, have some questions about unwrapping your yearly Spotify listening stats? Here are answers to 5 frequently asked questions:

1. Is Spotify Wrapped Free?

Yes, Spotify Wrapped is free for all users including those with Free accounts. However, Premium subscribers get access to the full, enhanced experience.

2. When do you get your Spotify Wrapped?

Spotify Wrapped is released annually near the end of each year, typically during the first week of the month, though access rolls out gradually.

3. Where do I find my Spotify Wrapped?

Find it in the Spotify mobile and desktop apps in the Wrapped hub on the Home tab. Your Top Songs playlist will also appear in Your Library.

4. What do you need for Spotify Wrapped?

You need an active Spotify account and a consistent listening history throughout the year. Having a Premium account also unlocks the full experience.

5. Can you view someone else’s Spotify Wrapped?

No, each Spotify Wrapped is unique to each listener. For privacy reasons, you can only view your own personalized listening data and stats.


Spotify Wrapped offers the ideal way to recap your yearly music journey. By taking your listening data and transforming it into engaging, sharable stories and playlists, Wrapped lets you rediscover the artists and songs that defined your year. Accessing and sharing Spotify Wrapped makes music listening even more fun.

With so many ways to unwrap through the Spotify platform and social media, you can dive deep into the soundtrack of your year. Follow the steps outlined here to find your personalized Spotify Wrapped as soon as it drops each November. Then enjoy unwrapping your musical year and starting discussions with fellow listeners about your top songs, artists, and podcasts.

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