The Fall of Realm Scans: A Beloved Free Manga Website

Realm Scans was once one of the most popular free manga reading websites on the internet. With a huge library of fan-translated manga series, Realm Scans provided easy access for fans around the world to read some of their favorite series without having to buy expensive volumes or subscriptions. However, in late 2022, the site was taken down unexpectedly, leaving many fans wondering what happened.

The Rise of Realm Scans

Realm Scans first launched in 2017 and quickly grew a dedicated user base. At its peak, the site boasted over 100,000 daily visitors who were drawn to the site’s clean interface, fast load speeds, and extensive manga library.

Unlike official manga publishers, Realm Scan relied on fan translations. Teams of enthusiastic volunteers would translate chapters of popular ongoing manga series from Japanese to English. Then the translated chapters were uploaded to Realm Scans, often just hours after they were published in Japan.

This allowed English-speaking fans to keep up with the latest chapters of series like My Hero Academia, Attack on Titan, Demon Slayer, and many more completely free. For manga fans on a budget, it was a dream come true.

DMCA Takedown Notices

However, relying on fan translations puts Realm Scans in a legally gray area. Manga publishers own the rights to distribute their content, so unauthorized translations could be considered copyright infringement.

Realm Scans received multiple DMCA takedown requests over the years ordering them to remove translated chapters. The site always complied to avoid getting shut down. But it was clear Realm Scans was on borrowed time.

The admins tried to get ahead of takedown notices by establishing a “three-chapter rule” asking translation groups not to post the three latest chapters to avoid trouble. But it wasn’t enough to keep the looming threat of legal action at bay.

What Happened to Realm Scans

Here is a brief summary of what happened to Realm Scans:

  • Realm Scans was a popular free manga website that relied on fan translations of licensed manga series.
  • The site likely received DMCA takedown notices over the years for copyright infringement but always complied to avoid being shut down completely.
  • In November 2022, Realm Scans suddenly shut down without warning, displaying only a message thanking fans.
  • The exact reason for the shutdown is uncertain, but it was likely due to legal threats from manga publishers over the unauthorized distribution of their content.
  • Many fans were shocked and upset at the loss of access to their favorite manga series on Realm Scans.
  • New sites have emerged attempting to take Realm Scans’ place, but none have fully replicated its large library, speedy updates, and robust community.
  • The shutdown highlights the broader challenges facing free online manga sites as publishers crack down harder on scanlations and piracy. Fans continue mourning the loss of a beloved destination for free manga.

The Sudden Shutdown

In November 2022, visitors to RealmScans were greeted not by the usual manga library, but by a strange message:

“We had a good run, but with recent legal actions, we can no longer provide content. Thank you for using Realm Scans.”

With no prior warning, one of the internet’s most beloved scanlation sites had vanished. Fans were shocked. Many had used Realm Scans as their primary (or only) manga reading site for years. Now, their digital manga collections were inaccessible.

Some speculated that Realm Scans finally received a legal threat they couldn’t ignore. With million-dollar lawsuits becoming common against sites accused of piracy, the admins may have decided to fold before getting buried in legal fees.

Others wondered if private compromises were made to convince Realm Scans to close voluntarily. But with no statements from the former admins, the exact reasons remain unclear.

Fans Mourn the Loss

Realm Scans’ sudden closure left the manga scanlation community reeling. The site had over 100,000 members who relied on it as a free source of manga. Many fans took to social media to mourn the loss and express their disappointment.

I can’t believe it’s gone. It feels like losing a close friend,” wrote one saddened fan on Twitter. Others reminisced about all the great series they had discovered thanks to Realm Scans over the years.

Some fans were angry, arguing that shutting down Realm Scans wouldn’t get them to buy more official volumes or subscriptions: “They think this will make me sub to Viz and buy manga? Haha no. I’ll just go read on a different site.”

Regardless of their reaction, it was clear that thousands of manga enthusiasts lost something important when Realm Scans disappeared.

Alternatives Emerge

It didn’t take long for spiritual successors to emerge attempting to fill the void left by Realm Scans.

Sites like MangaHub, MangaPark, and MangaClash popped up offering familiar manga libraries and reading experiences. However, many of these replacements struggle with slow servers and fractured communities as scanlators spread out across multiple new sites.

Fans also flocked to manga aggregators like which consolidate content from various scanlation groups. Although aggregators face legal challenges, they provide broader libraries by working with many partners.

Still, none quite capture the magic formula of extensive libraries, quick updates, and robust communities which made Realm Scans so special.

The Future of Free Manga

The fall of realm.scans represent the larger challenges facing free online manga. As publishers crack down harder on piracy, sites risk getting sued out of existence if they continue unauthorized translations.

But manga fandom continues to grow worldwide, especially with hits like Chainsaw Man exploding in popularity. And not every fan can afford to buy all the volumes they want to read. So the demand for free manga remains.

The scanlation community will likely continue adapting. New sites will emerge, and old ones will vanish. Fans may have to jump between multiple sites to follow their favorite series. Or they may try services like Manga Plus which offers limited free chapters.

But it remains to be seen if any site can truly replace the manga paradise Realm Scans built before it disappeared just as quickly as it arrived. For now, its former fans are left reminiscing about the glory days of free online manga.


The sudden shutdown of Realm Scans marked the end of an era in the manga scanlation community. For years, the site provided free access to countless manga series for fans around the world. But with its demise, those fans lost their digital libraries and a beloved gathering place.

While spiritual successors have emerged, no site has yet managed to truly replace everything Realm Scans offered. Some may argue scanlation sites operate in a legal gray area anyway. But their role in spreading manga fandom worldwide is undeniable. The fall of an essential destination like Realm Scans has left a hole that has proven difficult to fill.

5 FAQs about the Fall of Realm Scans

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1. When did Realm Scans get shut down?

Realm Scans was shut down abruptly in November 2022 with no prior warning. The site has been active since 2017.

2. Why did Realm Scans shut down?

The exact reasons are uncertain, but it was likely due to legal threats over copyrighted manga translations posted without authorization.

3. What manga did Realm Scans have?

Realm Scans offered popular ongoing series like One Piece, My Hero Academia, Jujutsu Kaisen, and many more. In total, they had over 500 manga series before shutting down.

4. Where did the scanlators for Realm Scans go?

Many scanlation groups have moved to new sites like MangaHub, MangaPark, and MangaDex. But the community is now fractured across multiple smaller sites.

5. Is there a site like Realm Scans now?

No current site offers quite the same library size, update speeds, and community as Realm Scans did at its peak. But sites like MangaDex are attempting to recreate the Realm Scans formula.