Does Spotify reply to emails?

Spotify has a massive user base of 456 million people worldwide, making it one of the most widely used music streaming platforms globally. With a large user base, Spotify receives numerous emails daily. But Does Spotify reply to emails that it gets?

Here’s an overview of Spotify’s email support and some tips for contacting Spotify via email.

Does Spotify have email support?

Yes, Spotify does offer email support. On their website, Spotify provides an email contact form that users can use to send messages to their support team. They also list the email address for contacting support.

So it is possible to email Spotify, and users are encouraged to email them for issues like account problems, billing questions, and other support needs. However, whether they will respond to any given email is another matter.

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Does Spotify reply to emails?

Spotify receives an extremely high email volume. According to some estimates, they get over 5000 emails per day on their support email alone. With such a high influx of emails, Spotify has to be selective in which emails it responds to.

Here are some things to note about Spotify’s email responsiveness:

  • Account issues: If your email is regarding an account problem, like being locked out of your account, Spotify is more likely to respond. Issues that prevent users from accessing the service tend to get higher priority.
  • Billing questions: Spotify is fairly responsive to billing emails, as money is involved. Emails about subscription charges, refunds, or payment problems tend to get responses faster.
  • Feedback: If you’re simply providing feedback, suggestions, or feature requests, don’t expect a reply from Spotify. They get enormous amounts of product feedback emails, more than they could ever respond to.
  • Reporting issues: If you’re reporting problems like bugs, glitches, or errors in the app, Spotify may not reply. But they usually review these emails internally to improve the product.
  • Marketing and business inquiries: Spotify is unlikely to reply to marketing outreach and business inquiries from their general contact email. These emails typically get ignored or sent to a spam folder.

So in summary, Spotify does not respond to every email it receives. But you’re most likely to get a reply if your email is regarding an urgent account, billing, or technical issue.

Tips for contacting Spotify via email

If you need to email Spotify, here are some tips to increase your chances of getting a response:

  • Use the contact form on their website: This goes directly to their support team, while the address may be filtered.
  • Be concise: Get to the point fast. Shorter emails have a higher chance of being read and receiving a response.
  • Stick to one issue per email: Don’t overload them with multiple issues in one email. Send separate emails for separate concerns.
  • Include key details: Provide details like your username, email on your Spotify account, and any error messages you’re getting. This helps them investigate and solve issues.
  • Be patient: It may take Spotify Support 1-2 business days (or more) to respond to an email. Hang tight. Follow up again if you still don’t hear back after a few days.
  • Avoid spammy language: Using ALL CAPS or repeated punctuation in your emails may cause them to get flagged as spam. Use normal writing.

Following these tips can help ensure your email gets through to a real person on Spotify’s support team. But even then, there’s no guarantee they will have the capacity to respond to every email. Calling Spotify or using their in-app support chat feature can sometimes yield faster responses for urgent issues.

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Or you may just need to be patient for an email reply when contacting them. With over 456 million users, they have a lot of emails to handle!


Spotify is making an effort to be accessible to users via email. But the reality is they get far more emails than their support team can respond to. You’re most likely to get a reply for issues with your account, billing, or anything preventing you from using Spotify.

For non-urgent inquiries like feedback and feature requests, an email response is less likely. If you need to contact Spotify Support via email, use their contact form, be brief, provide details, and allow time for a reply.

Even then, responsiveness cannot be guaranteed due to their enormous user base and volume of requests. However, they are striving to handle as many user emails as possible amidst their growth.

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