Does Spotify Notify When You Follow Someone?

Spotify has become one of the most popular music streaming services, with millions of users around the world. One of Spotify’s key features is the ability to follow other users and see what music they are listening to. However, a common question that many Spotify users have is – “does Spotify notify when you follow someone?

Does The Person Get Notified When You Follow Them On Spotify?

When you decide to follow someone on Spotify, they do get notified that you have started following them. Spotify will send them an email alert letting them know that their profile has a new follower.

So if you want to subtly follow someone without them knowing, unfortunately, that is not possible on Spotify. The service is designed to encourage social connections and music discoveries between users, so they want you to be aware when someone new takes an interest in your listening habits and public playlists.

Why Spotify Decided On Email Notifications?

There are a couple of reasons why the Spotify team felt email notifications were necessary whenever someone new follows a profile:

  1. It allows users to keep track of who is following them – For privacy and safety reasons, many people want to know exactly who can see their Spotify activity. The email alerts provide transparency.
  2. It helps facilitate musical connections – By notifying users when they gain new followers, listeners are likely to check out their follower’s profiles in return. This furthers Spotify’s social and music-sharing goals.
  3. It resembles notifications on social media platforms – Email notifications for new followers is standard on sites like Instagram and Twitter. So Spotify designed their service to align with established social media norms.

So while some users may prefer to follow others privately without detection, Spotify has prioritized user awareness surrounding growing follower lists.

Does The Follower Get Notified If Someone Follows Them Back?

The email notification system only works one way on Spotify. When you follow someone, they get notified of your new follower status through an automatic email.

However, if that user decides to follow you back, you as the original follower will not receive any email or notification indicating they have followed you in return.

The only way to know if someone you are following has followed you back is to periodically check your list of followers under your account’s “About” tab. When viewing your followers, any users who also follow you will have a green circle next to their icon.

So Spotify does not send reciprocal notifications when someone follows you back. The email alerts are purely to inform users when their profile gets a brand new follower from another Spotify account.

Why You Don’t Get Notified Of New Followers?

While it may seem inconsistent not to get notifications when someone follows you back, Spotify likely limited email alerts in just one direction to:

  • Avoid causing notification fatigue – If you have lots of followers who follow each other, the app could end up spamming users with a flurry of emails every time there’s a new follower connection made within that network.
  • Encourage return visits to Spotify – By not sending notifications for reciprocal follows, Spotify motivates you to sign into your Spotify account more frequently to stay on top of your current follower count and see who has followed you recently.
  • Prevent misuse of the notification system – Email alerts for new followers could be abused by users artificially inflating their follower count through fake or purchased accounts. The one-way notification process makes this misuse less likely.

So while more consistent mutual notifications might be helpful, Spotify’s priority is keeping notifications useful but limited, while giving you incentives to actively manage your profile.

Can You Find Out Who Unfollowed You On Spotify?

If you notice your Spotify follower count has dropped, you might wonder who decided to stop following you. Unfortunately, Spotify does not send any notifications when someone unfollows your profile. And there is no way to access a list of previous followers who have unfollowed you over time.

This means unfollowers can remove you from their follower list without leaving a trace. The only way you would know is if you periodically checked your “Followers” list and noticed certain accounts missing that you expect to see there.

Why Spotify Doesn’t Allow Tracking Of Unfollowers?

Some social platforms will notify you instantly if someone decides to stop following your profile, or offer tools to analyze your unfollowers.

But Spotify specifically does not allow tracking of those who have unfollowed your profile for a few reasons:

  1. To uphold user privacy – Followers have a right to control who sees their listening activity without being monitored. To avoid potential harassment from unfollowers being identified.
  2. To encourage genuine musical connections – Spotify wants followers driven by shared tastes, not inflated follower counts.

The company’s privacy and harassment policies seem to take precedence over helping users identify who removed them. Unless Spotify changes its stance in the future, you will simply have to accept unfollowers as an untraceable phenomenon.

Can You See Who Views Your Spotify Profile?

Besides gaining new followers, another metric Spotify users are curious about is profile views – how many times has your Spotify account been visited by other users?

It would be insightful from a promotional standpoint to know exactly which Spotify members have clicked on and viewed your profile.

However, the Spotify platform does not make profile visitors or views public to account owners. There is no way to get a name list of other users who have recently eyed your profile. You can only see broader demographic data about your listeners like countries, cities, ages, and gender. But no specifics on the individual listeners themselves.

Why Do Your Profile Visitors Remain Anonymous?

It seems limiting not to share your viewer data with your profile. But Spotify has some valid reasons for keeping profile visitors anonymous:

  • To respect privacy – Users explore countless profiles daily. Keeping that browsing history private prevents intrusive tracking.
  • To avoid stalking/harassment scenarios – Complete visibility into who viewed your profile could enable harassment against specific viewers.
  • To reduce social competition – View counts can spur unhealthy obsessions with superficial popularity if publicly displayed.
  • To maintain its core music focus – Spotify wants the platform centered around music enjoyment rather than social metrics.

So for now, the identities and listening patterns of your page visitors will remain confidential to protect privacy while keeping Spotify Support focused on music discovery above all else.

Can You Find Out Who Saves Your Spotify Songs or Playlists?

Similar to profile viewing data, transparency around Spotify users who have bookmarked your songs or playlists can help musicians and curators measure impact.

Many Spotify creators want to know specific details like – “Which followers added my tracks to playlists?” or “Who keeps re-listening to my albums?”

But just as with profile views, Spotify does not share listening metrics on an individual-named basis, even with the creators themselves.

Reasons For Anonymous Playlist Analytics

While more granular listener data would be useful for understanding who engages with your content, Spotify avoids sharing it to:

  1. Maintain user privacy
  2. Curb harassment around specific music tastes or playlists
  3. Reduce harmful social comparisons between artists/creators
  4. Prevent misuse of detailed listener data

So for now, all playlist and music analytics will remain framed anonymously in aggregate without calling out individual user activity.


In conclusion, Spotify has clear notification rules around social connections between users. You will receive an email alert when someone new follows your profile, but you will not get notified if existing followers unfollow you later on. Spotify also keeps profile visitors and listening metrics private, even from the creators themselves, to maintain privacy and prevent harassment.

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