Can I Share My Liked Songs on Spotify?

Spotify has become an integral part of our lives, providing us with an extensive library of music to explore and enjoy. Whether you’re a dedicated music enthusiast or someone who simply appreciates a good tune, you’ve probably spent countless hours curating your perfect playlist of “Liked Songs” on the platform.

These tracks represent your musical journey, a collection of your favorite songs that accompany you through life’s moments. But what happens when you want to share your musical tastes with friends, family, or even the world? Unfortunately, it’s not possible to share your “Liked Songs”. While Spotify offers various sharing features for playlists and individual tracks, this cherished playlist remains private.

In this blog post, SpotifyErrors will explore the reasons behind this limitation, alternative ways to share your music preferences, and some exciting features Spotify offers for music discovery and sharing.

How Liking Songs Work on Spotify?

When you “like” a song on Spotify, it gets added to your library of liked songs and artists. These likes are personal and private by default – other Spotify users can’t view your liked songs or see what you’ve liked.

Liking a song also helps Spotify’s algorithm refine your taste profile and recommend music it thinks you’ll enjoy. So liking music is an important way to improve your Spotify experience.

Your liked songs and artists are accessible from the “Liked Songs” playlist on your Spotify library screen. This playlist updates automatically as you like more music.

Can I Share My Liked Songs on Spotify?

Unluckily, Spotify does not have a built-in feature to share liked songs directly. The platform offers various ways to share music and playlists, but your Liked Songs list is not one of them. However, you can still create playlists and add your liked songs to them, making those playlists shareable with your friends and followers.

Why You Might Want to Share Your Liked Songs?

There are a few key reasons you may want to share your liked songs on Spotify:

  1. Discover similar music tastes with friends. Sharing your likes lets friends see what music you enjoy and vice versa. You can discover new artist recommendations this way.
  2. Show off your favorite tunes. Letting others see your liked songs is a way to showcase your personality and music tastes.
  3. Create collaborative playlists. By sharing likes, you and your friends can add each other’s favorites to playlists. This makes it easy to build collaborative mixes.
  4. Find concert buddies. If you and your friends like the same artists, you can easily spot overlapping interests and plan to attend shows together.
  5. Bond over mutual favorites. Sharing music likes can help you connect more deeply with friends and partners over a shared enjoyment of certain songs and artists.

How to Share Your Liked Songs on Spotify?

To share your Liked Songs on Spotify, follow these steps you need to click Liked Songs, right click the song you want to share > Share > Copy Song Link or Embed Track. This allows you to copy the link and share it with friends or embed it on websites.

How to Share Your Liked Songs on Spotify

Spotify makes it simple to share your songs with others. There are a couple of ways that can help you to Share Your Liked Songs:

1. Make Your Liked Songs Public

You can make your entire Liked Songs playlist public:

  • Open the Liked Songs playlist from your library.
  • Click the 3 dots beside the playlist name.
  • Choose “Make Public” from the menu.

This will make the Liked Spotify Songs playlist visible on your Spotify profile so anyone can view it. Friends and followers can click into the playlist to see all the tracks you’ve liked recently.

Tip: You can toggle the Liked Songs playlist back to private anytime.

2. Add Liked Songs to Shared Playlists

Instead of making your full Liked Songs public, you can add individual liked tracks to collaborative playlists:

  • Click the “+” beside any playlist to open the Add Songs window.
  • Navigate to the Liked Songs section.
  • Find any liked song and click the “+” beside it to add to the playlist.
  • Make sure the playlist is set to “Collaborative” under playlist settings.

Now when you share that playlist with friends, they’ll be able to see and play your liked songs in the context of that shared mix. You maintain control over which likes they can access.

Pro Tip: If you want certain liked songs to remain private, simply remove them from any shared playlists.

3. Share Private Playlist Links

For more control, you can share links to private playlists that contain your liked songs:

  • Make a playlist and fill it with liked tracks you want to share.
  • Under playlist settings, toggle the playlist to “Private Session.”
  • Click the 3 dots next to the playlist name to access the “Share” link.
  • Copy this link and send it to anyone you want to grant access.

The link will allow anyone to view and play that playlist on Spotify without following you or adding the playlist to their library. You can revoke access at any time by making the playlist public or private again.

Important Considerations for Sharing Likes

While sharing your liked songs can be fun, there are a few things to keep in mind:

  1. Your listening habits are exposed. Friends will be able to see your guilty pleasures, old favorites, and other listening patterns.
  2. It reveals your musical tastes. Liked songs act as a snapshot of your current music preferences across genres and styles.
  3. You lose curation control. Once you share likes, you can’t remove them from other people’s playlists.
  4. It can clutter shared playlists. Be selective in adding likes if you want a focused playlist theme. Too many likes can dilute it.
  5. Private playlists still show your profile. Anyone who accesses a private playlist link will be able to visit your Spotify profile and see public details.
  6. They may not reciprocate. Just because you share your likes doesn’t mean friends will return the favor. Manage expectations.

Other Ways to Share Music on Spotify

While liking and sharing liked songs is one way to connect with others, Spotify offers other built-in social features:

  • Follow friends and see what they’re playing. Spotify allows you to follow friends’ listening activity in real-time.
  • Share songs, albums, or playlists directly. Use the “Share” button on any page to send music to friends.
  • Collaborate on playlists. You can jointly edit playlists to blend music tastes seamlessly.
  • Post songs to Facebook. The Spotify app allows you to post tracks you’re listening to on Facebook to share music discoveries.
  • See friend activity. The Friend Feed shows you what your connections have been listening to recently.
  • Connect on social media. You can link your Spotify profile to Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, and other social networks.


Sharing your liked songs is an easy way to bond over music, discover new artists, and create collaborative Spotify playlists with friends. While likes are private by default, you can choose to make your Liked Songs public or share liked tracks through joint playlists.

Some discretion is still advised when opening up your listening habits. But judiciously sharing musical likes can enrich your social connections on Spotify.

FAQs About Sharing Spotify Liked Songs

How do I make my Spotify likes private again? 

You can easily make Spotify likes private again. You need of to click the three dots at the top of the playlist, then choose Make Private. This removes it from your public profile.

Can strangers see what I’ve liked if it’s public? 

Yes, your like will be visible to everyone and anyone can view your Liked Songs playlist on your profile if you make it public. Keep it private to control access.

What happens if I remove my liked songs from a public playlist? 

Your likes will disappear from that playlist and your followers will not be able to put them back but remain in other people’s libraries if they already added the playlist.

Can I tell if someone views my Liked Songs playlist? 

No, it is not possible to see other people’s Spotify playlists unless they have specifically shared them with you or made them public

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