0970 What Network: A Unique Telecommunications Provider

In the fast-paced world of telecommunications, standing out from the competition is no easy feat. Yet that’s exactly what 0970 What Network has managed to do in its short time operating as a telecom provider. Offering a unique mix of services and capabilities, 0970 What Network brings something new and exciting to consumers looking for more than just your average mobile carrier.

How 0970 What Network Got Started

0970 What Network was founded in 2013 by a team of telecom industry veterans. They saw an opportunity to leverage new technologies like AI and blockchain to create a telecom provider that offered services not typically found by major carriers. The name “0970 What Network” was chosen to signify the company’s status as a different kind of network.

How 0970 What Network Got Started

The founders of 0970 What Network had worked at some of the largest wireless carriers and knew the pain points customers experienced. High prices, poor customer service, and lack of innovation were top complaints. 0970 What Network aimed to fix these issues by focusing on affordability, high-tech solutions, and customer experience from the start.

What Makes 0970 What Network Different

Several key factors distinguish 0970 What Network from other telecom providers:

1. Affordable Plans

One major frustration with big carriers is the high cost of plans. 0970 What Network Philippines has made price transparency and affordability core to its offering?

Plans offer generous amounts of talk, text, and data at prices averaging 25-50% less than major carrier rates. Taxes and fees are included upfront so customers know exactly what they’ll pay monthly.

3. Innovative Technology

From its network infrastructure to customer service applications, 0970 What Network utilizes cutting-edge technology. Its 5G network was built using the latest equipment to deliver blazing-fast speeds.

Artificial intelligence manages the network to self-optimize performance. Blockchain technology enhances security and privacy. Chatbots and automation tools improve customer experience.

4. Flexible Features

0970 What Network lets customers customize plans to their needs. Options like rollover data, unlimited calling to certain countries, and shared family plans give flexibility to other carriers. Bring your device options to save money. E-SIM technology makes switching services easy.

5. Top-Notch Customer Service

Having veteran telecom leaders at the helm means 0970 What Network in Philippines understands the importance of customer service. Customers have access to support 24/7 via phone, online chat, social media, and more.

Billing and account management can all be handled through a user-friendly app. Perks like free next-day shipping on devices and discounts on entertainment sweeten the deal.

Review of 0970 What Network Services

Review of 0970 What Network Services

So what exactly can you get from 0970 What Network? Here’s an overview of the services offered:

1. Cell Phone Plans

The bread and butter of 0970 What Network’s offerings are its cell phone service plans. You can bring your compatible device or purchase the latest phones and tablets.

All plans include unlimited nationwide talk and text. Data options range from 3GB to unlimited at LTE speeds. You can mix and match features like free Canada/Mexico roaming, priced international options, and hotspot data.

2. Home Internet

0970 What Network collaborates with internet service providers to provide fiber broadband for home use. Users can access speeds of up to 1 Gbps, making it perfect for activities such as streaming and video calls.

Retain your current landline number or acquire a fresh one. Deals on streaming services and smart home devices make internet plans even more enticing.

3. Business Solutions

0970 What Network caters to businesses as well with a full suite of products. Office phone systems with enterprise-level features, fiber internet, wireless plans, IoT connectivity, and networking equipment are offered.

0970 What Network provides businesses with a competitive advantage through its offerings of cloud solutions, custom API integration, security tools, and dedicated support.

4. Smart Home Technology

WhatTech, a subsidiary brand of 0970 What Network offers a range of smart home technology, such as wireless cameras, video doorbells, smart thermostats, lighting, locks, sensors, and other options.

Packages let you bundle monitoring/security services with the devices. Everything works seamlessly with your home internet and mobile app.

0970 What Network Coverage Map

0970 What Network Coverage Map

A concern when considering any new cell provider is coverage. What network is 0970? and Is 0970 What Network is available in your area? The company has quickly increased its reach by forming partnerships for roaming and building its own 5G infrastructure. Check their website’s coverage map tool to determine if your location falls within the 0970 What Network coverage area.

  1. 5G: Over 250 million people are covered, with nearly nationwide 5G availability. Ultra-fast speeds are perfect for streaming and gaming.
  2. 4G LTE: Even broader 4G LTE coverage reaching over 300 million across the country. Fast data for all your needs.
  3. 5G Home Internet: Over 50 million households have access to 5G home internet. More cities are added regularly.

While coverage has grown significantly since launch, there are still limitations versus larger competitors. But 0970 What Network is continuously improving its network footprint. Be sure to check your area before signing up.

What Current Users Are Saying

Don’t just take our word on how 0970 What Network compares. Here’s what actual verified customers have to say:

“My monthly bill is nearly $40 less than I used to pay Verizon, and I have unlimited data on 0970 What Network!” – Mark K., Seattle WA

“Switched my family of 4 over to 0970 What Network and saved over $800 in the first year. The 5G is blazing fast and coverage is great.” – Alicia T., Tucson AZ

“The fiber home internet from 0970 What Network is a game changer. Speeds of 900mbps for $20/month less than I used to pay. Plus free extras like streaming subscriptions.” – Chris W., Kansas City MO

“As a small business owner, I can’t beat the value and customer service 0970 What Network provides. Switched my office phones and all our company cell plans over.” – Kimberly S., Portland OR

“The smart home tech is super convenient. I love being able to watch my kids come home from school with the video doorbell while I’m still at work.”- Ryan H., Denver CO

The overwhelmingly positive reviews speak to 0970 What Network’s unique advantages. Current users highlight the great affordability, quality coverage, high-tech solutions, and outstanding service.

Should You Make the Switch?

Deciding whether to switch to a new wireless carrier like 0970 is what network comes down to a few key points. If any of these apply to you, then you stand to benefit greatly from what this innovative telecom provider offers:

  • You’re unhappy with your current cell phone or home internet provider. Issues like poor service, frequent outages, hidden fees, or unresolved billing errors have you ready to switch providers.
  • Your household has multiple connected devices across cell, internet, and smart home tech. 0970 What Network brings it all together into a unified dashboard app.
  • You need ultra-fast home internet speeds for gaming, video streaming, running a business, or other data-heavy uses. The fiber packages from 0970 were delivered.
  • You want flexibility from your wireless plan, like custom features, plan sharing, and rollover data. The ability to tailor plans is a huge perk.
  • Cost savings are a top priority. The considerable savings from 0970’s affordable rates make it very appealing. Getting premium features at a fair price matters.

If having the latest technology and the best customer experience is important, 0970 What Network checks those boxes as well. Ultimately there are many compelling reasons to become a customer.

How to Sign Up

how to signup 0970 What Network

Ready to make the switch to 0970 What Network? Signing up is quick and easy:

  1. Check the coverage map on the 0970 What Network website to confirm your home and the areas you frequent are within a service zone.
  2. Use the cost savings calculator to see how much you could potentially save each month.
  3. Browse plans across mobile, home internet, business, and smart home to see options.
  4. Select the right plans for your needs and any devices you want. You can mix and match between different categories.
  5. Complete the signup process online in just a few minutes. E-SIM makes activation seamless.
  6. You’ll receive your new devices in 1-2 days with free express shipping. Begin using them immediately.
  7. The 0970 What Network app lets you manage your account, view usage, pay bills, contact support, and more in one dashboard.

Becoming a 0970 What Network customer unlocks savings, high-tech solutions, and a better overall wireless experience. With outstanding reviews from current subscribers, it’s worth exploring if you are considering changing providers.


When considering wireless carriers, going with a major brand name isn’t the only option these days. 0970 What Network exemplifies a new wave of telecom providers leveraging today’s technology to deliver better value and service.

With its unique offerings and approach, 0970 What Network brings welcome competition to an industry in need of fresh thinking. For many consumers, switching to this innovative newcomer makes excellent financial and practical sense.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does 0970 What Network buy out contracts from other carriers?

Yes, they offer up to $650 per line to cover early termination fees when you switch.

Can I keep my current phone number?

If you’re switching service providers and remaining in the same geographic area, you can keep your existing phone number. You can port your existing number over to 0970 What Network during signup.

How is 0970’s customer service compared to alternatives?

0970 What Network is rated highly for customer satisfaction. Decent customer support features are robust and US-based teams aim to resolve issues quickly.

Does 0970 What Network throttle data speeds after a certain usage?

Usually no throttling on unlimited data plans. Only priority data access during times of high network congestion.

How is coverage outside major urban areas?

While still building out, 0970 What Network partners extend coverage across smaller metros and rural regions. Verify your area.