0969 What Network? Globe or Smart- Find Out Now!

Choosing between Globe and Smart can be a difficult decision when getting a new mobile number in the Philippines. Both networks have their advantages and disadvantages, so it’s important to weigh all the options to find the right fit for your needs.

This guide will compare Globe and Smart’s coverage, data speeds, plans, and features to help you decide which network is best for you.

0969 What Network

0969 what network philippines

The 0969 prefixes in the Philippines are used for prepaid promos and access codes for Smart and Globe mobile networks. Choosing between Smart and Globe can be difficult given their differences in coverage, speeds, roaming, services, and pricing. Key factors to consider include:

  • Coverage and reliability: Globe excels in urban areas, Smart has wider rural reach
  • Internet speeds: Globe offers faster 4G LTE speeds nationwide
  • Voice quality: Globe edges out Smart but the difference has narrowed
  • Roaming: Globe GoRoam provides better international roaming value
  • Services: Globe leads in digital finance with GCash, Smart focuses on multimedia content
  • Customer service: Mixed for both, Globe rated higher in responsiveness
  • Promos and pricing: Globe offers more upfront free data, and Smart has cheaper regular data rates

Look at your usage patterns and priorities to decide which network is a better fit. The 0969 prefix gives easy access to promos and services for Smart and Globe subscribers in the Philippines.

Let’s Find Out “0969 What Network” is Globe or Smart

If you’ve ever found yourself wondering 0969 What Network Philippines is Globe or Smart? you’re not alone. With the rapid growth and competition among telecom networks in the Philippines, it can be confusing to keep track of which network a particular phone number belongs to. However, it’s important to note that 0969 is a prefix commonly associated with Smart Communications.

1. Comparing the Coverage

One of the most important factors when choosing a mobile network is coverage. You’ll want to make sure you get a strong and reliable signal wherever you go.

Globe boasts having the widest 4G/LTE coverage in the Philippines spanning over 1000 cities and municipalities. However, their 3G and 2G coverage is more limited than Smart’s. Globe uses a mix of low-band 700MHz, mid-band 1700MHz, and high-band 2600MHz spectrum bands for 4G/LTE. The low band spectrum provides better rural coverage and building penetration.

Smart also claims to have the widest 4G/LTE coverage spanning over 900 cities and municipalities in the Philippines. They have more extensive 3G and 2G coverage than Globe in rural areas. For 4G/LTE, Smart utilizes low-band 850MHz, mid-band 2100MHz, and high-band 2600MHz spectrum. The 850MHz band gives them an edge in indoor and rural coverage over Globe.

To check coverage in your frequent locations, both Globe and Smart offer coverage maps on their websites. You can enter your address to see the available mobile and data networks. It’s a good idea to speak with friends and family in your area to get real-world feedback on which network provides better everyday coverage.

2. Comparing Data Speeds

With our increasing reliance on smartphones, data speeds have become incredibly important. You’ll want a network that can provide fast and responsive web browsing, streaming, and downloads.

Globe tends to have faster average 4G/LTE data speeds compared to Smart in metro areas according to independent speed tests. OpenSignal’s report from Q2 2022 found Globe’s average LTE download speed was 24.9 Mbps compared to Smart’s 15.4 Mbps. Their average LTE upload speeds were 10.8 Mbps and 5.5 Mbps respectively. However, Globe’s speeds tend to be slower than Smart’s in rural locations.

Smart has been rapidly improving its data speeds over the past couple of years by refarming the 2G/3G spectrum to expand LTE capacity. Their continued rollout and densification of LTE have helped increase speeds. While still behind Globe in urban areas, Smart maintains an advantage in rural 4G availability and speeds.

For the fastest LTE speeds, you’ll want to get a device that supports carrier aggregation for combining multiple LTE bands. Both networks support this key capability to enable faster peak speeds. But actual speeds will depend on your location, network congestion, device, and plan.

3. Comparing Plans and Pricing

When choosing a network, you’ll also want to look at what plan options are available and how much they cost.

Globe offers prepaid and postpaid plans. Their prepaid plans include a variety of Promos with regular data, calls, and texts valid for 1-7 days. PowerUP unlimited data promos are available valid for 3, 5, or 7 days. For postpaid, they offer Plan 499 with 3GB data, Plan 799 with 6GB, Plan 999 with 10GB, and Plan 1799 with 25GB among others.

Smart also provides prepaid and postpaid options. Top prepaid promos include Giga Games with 1GB/day data + unlimited calls & texts, Giga Video + with YouTube and other streaming perks, and Giga Power with 6GB data + calls & texts valid for 7 days. Postpaid plans start at Plan 299 with 1GB of data up to Plan 2299 with 50GB and unlimited calls & texts.

Pricing and inclusions can vary on both networks, so be sure to check their latest offerings when signing up. Having an idea of your data needs will help narrow down the ideal plan.

4. Additional Features and Perks

Beyond coverage and data speeds, there are some other great features and perks offered by each network.

Globe customers get access to exclusive content and partnerships. This includes free Spotify Premium, free HOOQ streaming, NBA League Pass promos, Google Nest Mini giveaways and more. Their GlobeOne app offers convenient account management and rewards. Globe also operates the largest Wi-Fi network in the Philippines with over 1.2 million hotspots.

Smart offers its own set of perks like free access to Smart WiFi with over 8 million hotspots nationwide. Their Smart GigaGames subscription includes free in-game items, skins & gems. Smart also partners with apps like Navigation, FoodPanda, YouTube, and more to provide data-free access. TNT and Smart postpaid subscribers get free access to Apple Music for 6 months.

Consider which of these extras will benefit you most when choosing your network. Smart tends to have more freebies and promos for prepaid users, while Globe caters well to postpaid users. But don’t forget to factor in coverage and data speeds first and foremost.

8 Tips for Choosing the Right Network

Here are some top tips to guide your decision between Globe and Smart:

  1. Check coverage maps for your frequent locations – focus on 4G/LTE availability.
  2. Ask friends and family in your area about real-world experiences.
  3. Compare latest data speed results – Globe faster in cities, Smart faster in rural areas generally.
  4. Look at prepaid promos or postpaid plans that meet your data needs.
  5. Consider which extra perks like streaming services or WiFi access would benefit you most.
  6. Check for new subscriber promos and freebies on each network.
  7. Make sure your device supports LTE bands used in the Philippines for the fastest speeds.
  8. Don’t lock into long contracts just in case you want to switch networks.

Switching Between Networks

One advantage in the Philippines is that switching between mobile networks is easy. You can request to port out your number to the new provider. Just buy a new SIM card for the network you want to switch to.

Some carriers like Smart allow you to convert your prepaid number to postpaid and vice versa. Make sure to settle any outstanding bills before switching to avoid issues porting your number.

If you’re not happy with your initial choice between Globe or Smart, it’s good to know you can easily jump ship. Don’t get stuck in a long contract if network quality declines in your area over time.

Weighing the Pros and Cons

To recap, here’s a quick comparison of the major pros and cons of Globe vs Smart:



  • Faster 4G/LTE speeds in urban areas
  • Good postpaid plans and perks
  • Access to exclusive content like HOOQ and Spotify


  • More limited rural coverage
  • Slower 3G and 2G networks



  • Better rural coverage
  • Faster 4G/LTE speeds in provinces
  • More affordable prepaid promos


  • Slower 4G/LTE in cities
  • Not as strong postpaid offers

The Best Network For You

Find Out 0969 What Network is Globe or Smart

At the end of the day, selecting between Globe or Smart depends on what’s most important for your mobile usage.

If you live in Metro Manila or other urban areas, Globe is likely the best choice to take advantage of faster LTE speeds and postpaid perks. Heavy streamers and data users will appreciate Globe’s superior speeds.

For those residing in more provincial or rural areas, Smart is likely the better option given their broader coverage reach. Their prepaid promos also give users on a budget more data for less money.

Check the 4G availability in your area and ask around for real-world feedback. Take a look at the plans and features offered by each. With this guide’s insights, you should be equipped to make the right call between Globe and Smart for your needs. Don’t be afraid to switch networks later on if you find the other would serve you better.


The choice between Globe and Smart depends on your location and usage needs. Globe is better for urban areas with faster speeds and good postpaid plans.

Smart is better for rural areas with more extensive coverage and budget prepaid promos. Check coverage maps for your locations. Ask friends for real-world feedback. Compare plans that fit your data needs.

Don’t lock into long contracts in case you want to switch later. Weigh the pros and cons in this guide to pick the right network for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which network is better for rural areas?

Smart tends to have better coverage and speeds in rural provinces of the Philippines due to their lower band spectrum and focus on expanding rural infrastructure.

Which network has better international roaming?

Globe often offers cheaper roaming packages, but Smart provides free roaming to more countries through their Roam Like Home promos. Both have roaming partnerships worldwide.

Which is better for mobile gaming?

Smart has developed a stronger focus on mobile gaming customers. Their Giga Games packages cater to gamers’ needs by providing optimized data speeds and other gaming perks.

Which is cheaper for data promos?

For prepaid data promos, Smart tends to offer bigger data packages like Giga Power with 6GB for a week. But Globe has more affordable unlimited promos like GoSURF299 for 1-day of unlimited data.

Which network is more reliable?

Both networks suffer from congestion issues depending on location and time. Globe wins in major cities for consistent speeds while Smart takes the lead in more rural areas. Reliability ultimately depends on coverage in your frequently visited places.